Living The Dream!!

With so much shit going on around the world, sometimes it’s extremely refreshing to just forget about it for an afternoon!

These clips should make any half-way normal person feel better. Listen to them loudly and get yourself a fucking beer (or stout if you’re in the southern hemisphere), and enjoy refreshing your soul! John Fogerty is brilliant in these live recordings.

Note: some fuckarse disabled the thing where you can watch the video outside JewTube. What a fucking idiot thing to do eh..? Oh well, I’m sure we can all manage to click the appropriate link to watch the associated video!!! Haha. If not, you don’t deserve to watch it!!

Delicious Coopers Stout! And yes, I've had more than the safe amount of alcohol no doubt, but I don't give a fuck about that!!

Delicious Coopers Stout! And yes, I’ve had more than the safe amount of alcohol no doubt, but I don’t give a fuck!! It’s nice and I’ll live longer than all these fucking teetotalers anyway, don’t you worry about that!!

The magazine sitting there on the bar is the “Homebrewer” which is another project I’m extremely interested in because beer is a holy fluid to me!! If you can make it yourself then life makes sense!!

Note the fierce warrior cat in the background. He lunged at me the other night and nearly tore half my fucking leg off by the way. He’s more dangerous than what you might think!


Been trekking today and this is the waterfall at the bottom of the track. It’s a fucking beautiful place to do a good workout!

Here’s another picture of the scenery around my trekking spot:


If you’re wondering why I’m posting this, then here’s the reason: because everything in this post is stuff that I like! You have to be a human sometimes and forget the Jew for a bit, otherwise his destructive ways and negativity will drag you down. You know what I think – fuck the Jew, he’s not going to stop me enjoying things!

This is also a great song and Willie Nelson is a classic. Apparently he wants to be rolled up and smoked when he dies! Hahaha, funny shit:

If you don’t like this post then please fuck off because I’m done with miserable bastards.

Oh, and how could I forget this song? It’s such a great film clip:

– BDL1983

6 thoughts on “Living The Dream!!

  1. Steve

    Great post Brett, you are so fucking right you need to stop thinking about them fucking Jews at times or you do get down. The cat looks like a killer mate have another ale and thats some good scenery where is that?

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Mt. Lofty, South Australia man! Yeah I’ve had 7 or 8 stouts probably time for bed before i start enjoying myself!!! hahaaha!

  2. Steven King


    THEN FUCK OFF! HAHAHAHA made me laugh!!

    Yes, I had eleven-teen beers last night myself. Ac/dc, and lynyrd skynyrd, and hank Williams jr, and the clash on the jam box. Come visit nc sometime, lotsa home brew here. I helped a friend build a micro brew in the garage, and it cranks out gallons of stout, Meade, ales all over!

    TAke care Brett


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  3. GDSoldier

    Haha, the good ol’ John Fogerty/CCR and bruskis!! Gotta love it brother…. 1488 til’ late

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