The Despicable Jews Continue Their Slaughter of Toddlers

If the Jews are wondering what it is that causes people all around the world to hate them, then they need look no further:

From Lasha Darkmoon:



Lasha Darkmoon says: Seldom have I seen a more sickening atrocity picture. Send it to all your friends with a simple message attached:


According to the Jew-controlled American mass media, it is the child-killing Israelis who deserve our deepest love and sympathy in the ongoing Gaza bloodbath.

As for the hundreds of dead Palestinian children, their heads blown off and lying in mangled heaps of blood-sodden bone on their mothers’ equally shattered bodies, we must rejoice in the death of these evil “terrorists”.

No, I do not exaggerate. If you think I am lying, listen to this sickening 11-minute video on Fox News.

This short video will show you that America has lost its moral compass: that America as a nation can sink no lower and deserves our utmost contempt: and that the American government, beyond redemption and evil to the bone, is now no more than a criminal syndicate of psychopaths.

If you want to see a psychotic bully, Sean Hannity, shout down a Palestinian guest on his TV program and display to the world his sick, twisted little soul, watch below.

Source Article

These so-called humans are the most disgusting, filthy, murdering, parasites that have ever existed. I have no particular love of Palestinians, but when I read an article like this my blood boils. That is an innocent child with half her head blown off by some stinking, low-down, cowardly piece of shit Jew, who thought it would be sporting to execute her. These Jews are absolute scum.

Always bear in mind, this is what Jews are actually like. This is how sadistic they are. They are in reality far, far worse than what they even accuse the Germans of being like in WWII. And as we know, Adolf Hitler and the Germans were the good guys and the big Jewish fairytale known as the Holocaust is just that – a fucking enormous load of bullshit. Fucking filthy lying bastards, all of them…..

Here’s some related articles further proving what utterly vile pieces of shit the Jews truly are:

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Jews Attack Newspaper for Printing “Anti-Semitic” Cartoon Depicting Actual Event

The cartoon in question:


And we are the bad guys for pointing out what the Jews are up to….

You can’t make this stuff up.

– BDL1983

16 thoughts on “The Despicable Jews Continue Their Slaughter of Toddlers

  1. Steve

    The American people need to pull their collective Heads out of their own self absorbed arses. The infestation on the USA of this Parasitical Jew Vermin is at saturation point. The Jew owned Media has the citizens of America in a zombie like trance in front of their Indoctrination boxes chowing down their maccas with fries oblivious to the real world at their front doors. I too am no fan of the Palestinians but the wholesale slaughter of Palestinian Mothers and their Babes is beyond any real words its just horrific meanwhile the Jews keep receiving massive reparations off Germany and others for the Holohoax so that they can continue in their evil pursuits.

  2. Noachideous

    Just saw the above lubricious jew weasel pop out of its box to lecture the goyim so as to profit from the crazy bus lady incident.
    Judasism and Noachidiocy for the Goy must be the Australian Government preferred religion, and its not by accident that the form of WW11 in the time domain takes the form of the menorah seen on the BnaiBrith emblem, with 42 as the central candelabrum.
    In fact, it would not surprise if the jew A bombed the Japanese because the war was predestined to finish in 1945 in order to shape the outcome appropriately…

    Just as tiggers like to bounce, mocking the dead is what jews like to do best.

  3. Noachideous

    The jew knows what it is, and it is characterised by WormTongued treachery,

    and identifies by a murderous creed that urges the jew to war against others by means of deception in the metaphysical, so as to eliminate via auto-genocide the physical existence then memory of the other. This world is for the jew and only the jew.

    The jew is very interested in the mind and innocence of the child…………….. Get to ’em while they’re young, wide-eyed and vulnerable, by the proxy of public school predation.

    So the jew infests the social ‘sciences’,…….. humanities, psychology, anthropology, political science, history, law, etc ad mindless infinitum like no other. These ‘sciences’ are pseudo-sciences whose hypotheses are known to be largely irrefutable and as a consequence the perfect refuge for a people for whom by deception do war against others they despise, and only because the other exists, providing a distraction from singular jewhiss magnificence. Like all deceivers, feigned indignation usually serves to shame and dissuade the inquisitive and the suspicious from further investigation into the mechanisms of judaic treachery and thus understanding.

    So it is surprising perhaps that the jew is yet to concoct a pseudo scientific construct that might wear a pious identifier ascribing supercilious import to its Kosher creator and be known as something like the…… ‘indicative coefficient of racio-religious hatred’. I use the word ‘hatred’ because it is an appellation favoured by the jew to smear those unfortunates unable to recognise the divinity of the jew and agree to participate in its ‘religion’.

    It is that way because the jew knows that it and its collective behaviour derived of a cult like ‘religion’ would far exceed the coefficients of those the jews accuse..

    So we hear only the sound of Crickets……. and vampiric zombie jews with neither shame nor conscience flailing and wailing about the place over just about well,,,,,,,,,, nearly everything.

  4. Chad

    There will never be any majority support on earth to kill all Jews. So long as people in the USA keep signing up as “US citizens/federal subjects”, and refuse to return to the common law (which is the only legitimate law, as there was no other authority after the King of England was defeated), and the use of gold/silver money, nothing will change. There is no legitimate “industrial” way of life. It’s all being paid for by the child-sacrifice required of debt enslavement. And that is what has people hooked. They will rather profit today and pay by the sacrifice their children tomorrow than to live in a world of honest values. So, I don’t care about Jews because it is the non-Jews that refuses to provide for his offspring, and offers them instead on the altar of Jews to make use of.

  5. Jane

    I don’t understand why you would care if it was a kid or not. They would have grown into adults that you would hate because of what they believe and their skin tone. So what’s the difference in your head. I think both sides are wrong for what they are doing to each other. Everyone suffers from this and as adults it’s time to stop blaming each other and look in the mirror and see what you can do to change yourself and stop the blame game on religion and race.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      You’ve got to look a little deeper into things Jane. I don’t care about Palestinians particularly, but their plight puts a face on what the Jews in Israel behave like…. Both sides are wrong? Palestine = no army, no planes, shitty rockets, blockades so no supplies apart from what they can smuggle, no escape…. Israel = Army (armed by Jew controlled USA), Planes (supplied by Jew controlled west), capable rockets, enforcing blockades, executing kids with a bullet to the back of the head……
      Ceasefire = Israel waits until Palestinians are starved of supplies and fire rockets back, then Jews launch their next insane slaughter against defenseless captives…..
      You’re the one saying I hate people because of skin tone which a ridiculous accusation in itself. I agree with racial separatism and that means mutual respect between different races of people, not hate….

  6. Mr.Abbey

    Eh, it is despicable but at least it breeds anti-semitism, anti-Israeli sentiment, anti-Juden fevor or whatever you may call it, it is better than nothing even if it’s for all the wrong reasons…..genocide and displacement of our race and culture…we should support the palestinain plight but realize that the majority of people who will turn against the Kike, turn for leftist humanitarian reasons and not for the fact our people are being destroyed from the inside……however it is an opportune time to pull people to our side and show them the great work being done by People like Brett and Andrew, for victory mate may ya never yield!

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Cheers mate! Izzy having a “face” helps us show everyone what we are talking about with the Jew thing

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