The Jewish Vampire Will Fall #2!

Top Italian Philosopher and Former Euro Parliament Member: “Shoot Those Bastard Zionists”

Daily Stormer
July 28, 2014

Gianni Vattimo

Gianni Vattimo

Though I do hate the “Nazi” comparisons, the rising Antisemitism all over the world continues to give me limitless joy.

The Local:

A top Italian philosopher has sparked outrage in Israel and at home after saying that he would like to “shoot those bastard Zionists” and that Israel was “a bit worse than the Nazis”.

As violence escalates in Gaza, Gianni Vattimo also called on Europeans to club together to buy Hamas, the Palestinian militant Islamist organization, “better weapons”.

The former member of the European Parliament made the remarks on Italy’s Radio 24 but they were soon picked up by Israeli media, including Haaretz and i24 News.

In response to whether he would like to see more Israelis killed Vattimo, who co-edited a booked called Deconstructing Zionism. A Critique of Political Metaphysics, replied: “Of course! But unfortunately, I can’t really shoot”, due to being exempt from military service.

He also said Europeans should get together to fight along with Hamas, akin to the foreign volunteers who fought dictator Francisco Franco Bahamonde during the Spanish Civil War.

His comments sparked condemnation in Italy, with Renzo Gattegna, the leader of Italy’s Union of Jewish communities, saying in a statement that Vattimo’s words were “unacceptable” and “a mixture of the most heinous allegations” against Israel.

What happens is that the more public figures come out and say this stuff, the easier it becomes for others to do so.

What you are witnessing is the Jews losing their grip.

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The Jewish vampires cannot stop being vampires and we can expect more and more public figures to condemn them in the future. Every act of condemnation is bound to wake more people up and help them see the Jew for the devil that he is. We are indeed witnessing the Jews losing their grip. Their parasitic system is self-destructing under it’s own weight of endless internal contradictions. The Jew system represents what he thinks is his mastery over Nature. Nature will prove him wrong, and this is exactly what we are seeing in its early stages.

Our ideals represent Natural Law and things have a natural tendency to correct themselves. We must continue to highlight what evil bastards they are to help speed up the process! 

– BDL1983

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