A Familiar Pattern…

When you’ve studied the “Jewish thing” for a while you will notice a certain pattern occurring. It’s very predictable and this flowchart (which I’ve altered) says it all:


This flowchart covers all bases, including the Holocaust and all other Jewish hoaxes!

– BDL1983

6 thoughts on “A Familiar Pattern…

  1. Zerstoerer

    This flow chart couldn’t be explained any simpler, it should be a standard check list to all those who wonder why misfortune occurs in this world.

  2. Noachideous

    With regard to the downed airliner, Koshie just informed us that the spin now starts.

  3. guest1

    Ofcourse russia is responsible tony “rat” abbot said so, plus weve already had a recording of then admitting it which was release approximately 1 minute after the attack not to mention the 1 minute silence weve already had. Its done mate, definitely the russia, kochie from sunrise said so. ( hes not a jew is he)

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      NOOOOO!!! Not Kochie!!! He couldn’t possibly be a Jew. I won’t hear of it! Hahahahaha!!!! Fuckin Sunrise…… intellectual news – 100% objective reporting – nothing emotional ever….

      1. guest1

        Fuck me, Ive re read my post and sound like a full on gook, fresh of the boat, apologies, its the iPad I swear.
        now off to lunch, btw that a delicious looking cat you have in the about section.

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