The Total 100% Kosherisation of our Wonderful Democracy

This is why voting doesn't matter!

This is how Democracy works and why voting doesn’t matter!

From J-Wire:

A private members motion urging South Australian parliamentarians to join a global movement against anti-Semitism has been passed unanimously.

The motion urges State members of parliament to sign the London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism, a document that boasts MPs across the globe as signatories.

President of the Jewish Community Council of South Australia Mr Norman Schueler believes that our society must remain vigilant against hate crimes.

“We must never think that the crimes committed against the Jewish people in other states will not be visited upon our shores.” Mr Schueler said.

“We need the collective will of our elected leaders to stand up to anti-Semitism and to defend the basic rights of the Jewish people.”

The motion is co-sponsored by MPs from both the Liberal and Labor party.

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This is truly sickening, but 100% unsurprising. The Jews have already got the Federal politicians to sign this “London Declaration” which is essentially a guarantee that any elected politician will behave 100% Kosher when in office. One of the most important reasons for this move to get politicians worldwide to sign this thing is so the Jews can see EXACTLY which politicians hesitate to sign or don’t sign, then they will hone in on destroying their lives and political careers so the Jews are left with ABSOLUTELY NO RESISTANCE, EVER, in the “democratic system”! That’s what they are up to here. No doubt about it.

One thing that always astounds me about this sort of Jewish behaviour is that in itself it is an admission of guilt on their part. No other ethnic group in the world does this sort of thing. It is uniquely Jewish in nature. They know that their actions are what cause host peoples worldwide to hate them. That’s why they use the smear term “Anti-Semite” whenever anyone criticises or even questions them.

What possible reason could a bunch of Jews have to go around the world and try to get every single politician to sign a declaration saying they will never oppose them, if they are not an organised group with a political agenda (of world domination)? It makes no sense to behave in this manner if you aren’t “up to something“! There is actually no such thing as Anti-Semitism. All it is is a natural reaction to what Jews do! If the Jews didn’t try to rule and dominate, rob and murder everyone they came into contact with, then no-one would hate them and “Anti-Semitism” would just go away (like magic)!

If you wanna laugh then read this sentence at the end of the J-Wire article:

“Anti-Semitism did not end at the conclusion of the Second World War. It is as real today – as it was 70 years ago, in the dreadful gas chambers of the Holocaust.”

Yeah, the Anti-Semitism is still here because the Jews are still behaving in exactly the same way as they did in Germany back then! “Dreadful gas chambers of the Holohoax” – every single article concerning Jews, what do you expect? The bloody Holohoax to be whined on about, again. The Holohoax is Mr Jew’s number one weapon stopping rational, intelligent people worldwide from seeing and understanding his true nature and ultimate guilt!


The Jews are enough to drive you to drink, not that I don’t love drinking anyway! After reading this article, take a deep breath, pour one of these:

Oh yeah!

Delicious and it’s good for you too!

– BDL1983

4 thoughts on “The Total 100% Kosherisation of our Wonderful Democracy

  1. Trent

    Haha, ahh man your funny brett, i love your antisemetism,
    just like mine, but i disagree with you about alcohol, vaccinations
    are more important than a glass of beer! They’re both good for you, trust me.

    Put it this way, both liberal and labour are run by jews, just like in america both
    democrats and republicans are, for some reason though liberal and the republicans
    seem more right-wing than left-wing, perhaps it’s all just a jewish conspiracy, no, wait,
    it has to be! Either way, it amazes me they can use both leftist and rightist policies to achieve
    there sick little racist and genocidal agenda against white mankind so flawlessly and perfectly.

  2. Noachideous

    Last comment Aviv said…at whitelaw….
    don’t you think it’s amazing that Judaism in English Gematria is Power:

    Yep… all the worrier Power of Ole’ Uncle Bully Eh Aviv ?….Evidence suggests that the Father of Truth, about whose table you sit as ‘family’, and shit, detests you for what you do.. Uncle Bully the 21 by 2 man says ” Heeey….. I doan have a clue what you’re on about …..Eh ? ” and is subsequently ‘circumcised’ by Life himself……JH…18. Jake Heke.

    The jew has advised that war is effected by means of deception….. and 13 gets lucky.
    The European seems comforted by a jew manufactured delusion that war exists only in the
    material….. and is mentally prepared for peace.

    Philologos has come up with a few things in his forward article and it
    might not amount to the full story. The ouroboros appears to be
    conceptualisation of cyclical time and is represented by a serpent eating
    its tail.. In this way the head of the serpent moves in a circular motion
    as does the hand of a clock. Philologos provides a less than convincing
    explanation of its relationship in the context of numerology found in the
    Zohar/Cabala, the same numerology that is the likely source of the legally
    protected ‘6 million’.

    It maybe that the time unit ‘hour’ finds its source there.
    It is possible that the ouroboros may be a represented numerically by
    cyclical calculations that start and end with the number 42. Firstly for
    the reasons described in an earlier post where the letter O can be
    substituted for 6, as in 3:15, and secondly because philologos responds to
    a question suggesting a relationship between the ouroboros and the Hebrew
    letter chet having a gematria of 8.

    So how might a cyclical calculation work ? Like this perhaps.

    4by2 and 4sum2 amount to 8 and 6.
    8by6 and 8sum6 amount to 48 and 14
    8 squared and 6 squared amount to 64 and 36
    64 sum 36 amount to 100
    6by4 and 3by6 amount to 24 and 18
    24 and 18 amount to 42………. return.

    Hence the importance of 24 and 18 to the jew who has chosen symbolic
    events marked in the time domain using dates derived of these numbers.

    911 2661 New Yawk.
    911 2012 BOC’s broken arm. (2612)
    20 4 99 Columbine shooting.

    And probably more.

    The number 18 in judaism represents ‘life’. This is the likely origin of
    events known as 911 events, as in 9 by (1sum1) amounts to 18 as does 9 by
    11 or 99 summed amount to 18. Life for jew vampires requires the death of
    everyone else.

    Think the very Kosher Get Smart featuring agents 86 and 99.
    Formula 86 in The Witches turns Men into Mice.

    For further evidence of its import in the real world, examine the numbers
    associated with the Film “Edge of Tomorrow”

    Edge of Tomorrow Live Die Repeat. Doug Liman.

    Live Die Repeat is a literal representation of the circle of life.

    Soldier’s dog tags appear by the sheerest of coincidences in the shape of a

    ET amounts to 5 and 20 producing 100 (sum of 36 and 64 )

    LDR amounts to 12 4 18, or (12by4) and 18 or 48sum 18 or 66, deriving 12
    and 36 (via route 66) kicks via summing again to 48 birth date of this ‘israel’
    derived from 42.
    LDR could be interpreted as 24 18, summing to 42.

    Doug Liman amounts to D L or 4 12 or 4by12 or 48….. also read 42.
    Dougie’s probably a black kabbalist.

    The number of the jewhiss messiah, due to arrive in 2018 (2by18 or 36 or 66
    or 48) and by the name Mashiach Ben David who bears the numerical value 424
    , 24sum42 or 66 or again 48.

    So the importance of these numbers to the jew suggests staged events,
    because they can be, and also the fact that the jew is prepared to use
    lies, mischief and murder by the numbers to foment wars that give the
    illusion of prophecy come true…..and a monopolistic understanding of the
    mind of god, that convey a sanctimonious veneer of “Chosenness”……

    While dates to do with Birth and the creation of Life rest largely with the
    Gods, dates associated with death and destruction, leading to macabre
    Frankensteinian ‘life’ undead, are often the works of ‘men’….. and far
    too often, those that call themselves….. ‘jews’…..

  3. Noachideous

    First issue stamp dated 9 11 48……. for matters 20+ years past.

    Moina Belle Michael. 14 2 14 or 424 jewhiss messiah.

    The Poppy Lady 20 16 12 sum 48

    Red and Black 18 2 sum 36 or 48…

    Poppies are likely an offensive jewhiss contrivance designed for
    mockery and thus inappropriate for remembrance of Anglo Kelts and related
    kinfolk who unwittingly fought two world wars for the creation of this ‘israel’ monstrosity in 1948.

    Are you gettin’ it yet WhiteMan ? Forked jewhiss tongues of the BnaiBrith are to remain silent on these matters. Is it ‘anti-semitic’ that you have should have nothing to do with this kikes ?

    A difficult subject amongst many others that need to be tackled on the road to removing all
    vestigial remnants of jew mind poison from decent society.
    Perhaps default back to another pending further research by those not jew
    or property of jew, though even that one is suspect.

    What is the general feeling of others on this.

  4. Noachideous

    Just to correct an numerological error …MBM amounts to 13 2 13. ….
    On Circles.
    “Compounding the mysterious origin of this term, in 1864 in the UK the word ike or ikey was used as a derogatory term for Jews, which derived from the name “Isaac”, a common Jewish name.[7][2]”

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