“El Gran Tabu” – What Happens to Holocaust Revisionists?

Features Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, and Bradley Smith. They tell us what happens when you question “The Grand Taboo“:

This video was made in 2007 and Jewish Holocaust Revisionist David Cole helped in the making of it, albeit from behind the scenes (he magically became David Stein – a Republican Party Animal and professional alcoholic…. I don’t blame him for that!). Anyway, say what you want about David Cole, but at least he stuck to his views on the Holocaust. That’s a pretty good effort, especially for a Jew who’s endured death threats from his own kind:


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Final Note: I’m pretty sure David Cole would have been the one behind the closing credit music – Fight for Your Right (to Party) by the Beastie Boysan all Jewish Hip-hop Trio I never liked even when I was a teenager! They give me the shits.

– BDL1983

5 thoughts on ““El Gran Tabu” – What Happens to Holocaust Revisionists?

  1. Nordic Anti Semite

    Makes me laugh this does, ‘they would love to see all the jews of the world gassed again and incinerated in the burning furnaces of Treblinka!’
    That didn’t happen it’s BEEN PROVEN!

    Should be called Who are the jews and why should they die? Just take out all the words like ‘nazi’ and you have a good selection of some of the best descriptive words about jews.

  2. Noachideous


    Was moved by the testimony….. to near chunder downunder.


    Holocaust Affirmation……… The 6 million number is derived of numerology finding its source in the jewhiss interpretation of kabbalah .

    Proper and transparent forensic analysis is forbidden.

    The term ‘lest we forget’ found in the SMH propaganda is likely derived of gematria. L W F or 12236 or 12by2 sum 3by6 or 24 sum 18 or 42…. the number the jew attributes to the deity by whom the jew feels to be chosen.

  3. Trent

    I Remember david cole from a 1993 holocaust denial program
    on the talk-back show phil donahue, it said he was a jew who was
    intent on destroying his own kind, maybe a valuable asset to WN’s.

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