Radio Stormer: One Year Anniversary


Independence Day coincides with the one year anniversary of The Daily Stormer.

Publisher Andrew Anglin joins writers Brett Light and Sven Longshanks to discuss this and other topics including:

  • Sudanese rape-monsters in Australia
  • Elton John’s hotline to Jesus
  • Animal lovers adopting pets from Africa
  • Evidence of Jewish infection from around the White world

Andre’s connection wasn’t great, he was broadcasting from a cafe playing music from when blacks made good music.  He drops out eventually.

But it was a great show, overall.


Enjoy the show. I had fun doing it!

To be ranked 27,240 on Alexa when you’ve only been up for a year is one hell of an effort! The Daily Stormer is without a doubt the internet’s premier truthful news site and I’m proud to help out in some capacity.

We march on!!!!

– BDL1983

5 thoughts on “Radio Stormer: One Year Anniversary

  1. Steven King

    Happy fourth Brett! From Wilmington NC! Steven…

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  3. Trent

    The jew is a demon intent on destroying white people from the bottom up. ‘ A Nice phrase for a happy birthday to you all!

  4. Trent

    Oh by the way, i laughed at you guys today, it’s so true blacks are animals
    and the more freedom you give’ em the more animal like they become!


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