The Latest “Outrage” in Australia…..

Sure, the “racist” woman in the video clip did act like a bit of a nut and it’s not how you should behave in public, but none-the-less it was kind of amusing! This was all over the TV news headlines last night and the newsreaders were all shaking their heads about how horrible the “racist outburst” was. But really, is this incident worthy of a TV news headline? In my opinion it’s not even news in the slightest, but as we know, whenever the opportunity comes up to emphasise how evil a “White racist” is, the media latches on with outstretched claws! The woman in the clip is being charged with some bullshit, apparently a criminal charge of “hurting feelings” or something like that and a $500 fine. I can’t be bothered looking up the exact details although here’s a link to a Daily Telegraph article on the story.

You’ve gotta wonder whether people have any brains at all in this day and age. All the “multicultural white liberals” in the media are upset over this non-event, yet they are the first ones to support and rally around Majak Daw, the Sudanese Ape footballer, who has raped a white girl presumably (it’s always a white girl when blacks are involved, 99.9% of the time). That rape is a direct result of “multicultural white liberal” policy and would never have happened if people listened to us! Oh well, protecting against an Asian getting “hurt feelings” while riding on a train is clearly higher priority than stopping Sudanese apes from raping our women.

– BDL1983

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  2. G Smith (@yellowgavin)

    The only reason it’s not an appropriate way to act in public is because we live in anti-white totalitarian countries. It’s incredibly NORMAL for whites to voice their unabashed FRUSTRATION to what our communities are becoming with this third-world filth in them. Go into a black neighborhood in the USA — you’ll get the shit beat out of you. Go to a Muslim no-go area in the UK — you’ll be assaulted.

    I heard a story once about Australia. I wish I could point you to a link, but it was a long time ago. There was an older Aussie cop that had been on the force for a long time and a younger guy riding together. They went to a Muslim neighborhood for whatever reason. The Muslim filth started throwing bottles and rocks at their police car. The older cop starts to get out and apprehend the subhuman scum and the younger one argues to just leave the neighborhood. The older cop is confused and can’t figure out why the hell they’d just ignore something so blatant. He gets out, chases down one of the Pedophile Prophet’s worshipers and puts him in the back of the police car. The Muslim immediately turns into a blob of jelly and cries like a little baby all the way to the police station. He paraded the weeping pussy all over the police station trying to make a point.

    Whites are the only tribe not fighting back. White men have lost every single tribal instinct human males are supposed to have to protect their territory and people. White males are the lowest rung on the Alpha Male ladder.

    You’ll notice how women are so often the ones going berserk (and being fined or serving prison time) because we are the most vulnerable around these third-world wild animals and have NO ONE defending us. We know what we are headed for in the future and what will happen to our children and grandchildren. And it’s not good.

    I remember seeing footage once from the UK, during a EDL protest I think. The absolute most anti-white scum of the earth, the English police, had police dogs out on the street defending against people waving their St. Georges flags too violently, I guess. A police dog ripped into a white guy’s leg standing behind the line and he stood there bleeding. Not one cop offered to call paramedics, not one male in the crowd reacted in any large way, but numerous females started screaming bloody murder at those demonic cops right in their faces, right by the dogs. Even in the Luton incident where Muslims protested the troops, you can hear the women screaming passionate insults that they FELT. All the men can think to do chant like they’re at a soccer game (usually right before they physically rip into the white guys on the other side. — That’s the elite’s strategy of Euro soccer.)

    White males are scared to death of nonWhites. Cronulla, the incident in your country, will be one of last times this planet will ever see white males passionately try to defend their territory and their race.

    Just like tails and everything else in evolution, when you become useless, you cease to exist.

    (I have commented before as “JP”, but I cleared my cookies and can’t remember what info I used to access your comments.)

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      You raise some very good points there mate! I have been trying to figure out why it is that White men have lost all their manliness and will to fight……… there’s no simple answer. Why are people like you and me seemingly unaffected by this disease of weakness? I stand for what i stand for, and that’s it. I’ll never back down to anyone. White men need to regain that attitude of “don’t fuck with me, scumbag!”

    2. Trent

      One of the best comments i have ever read, congrats! I am a white male who is fighting back i agree i see my job as a grown white male to protect my tribe and people, i have passionately and personally raised the battle flag against the eternal jew and would hope all white men do also.

      white power.

  3. commandergoyim

    Another reason why National Socialism is the only way to fight the evil Kikenvermin.

  4. Noachideous

    The Kosher Klown mentioned in the guardian article is apparently a professional wailer and CEO of the Shrewish Horde of Iniquities. The same Klown who presumes to lecture others, identifies by religious scribblings conveying an ideology that represents a personal affirmation suggesting unfortunates not born ‘jew’ are something less than fully human….. if at all. The jew does not discriminate between the goyishe races whose elimination is sought by the jew. The jews imagine their puerile Noachide Laws as a solution to dissuade these goyische subhumans from eating the flesh of living animals….. Judaism is codified, concentrated and canned hatred of the other that demands the genocide and destruction of all races as an inductive precursor to a global government administered by the sannhedrin out of jerusalem israel.

    In a world of stable and mutually respectful racial nations whose informed cooperative efforts would completely circumvent the mendacious designs of the genocidal jew narcissi, the Woman would be hammered by her own for dishonouring her kin and disrespecting guests and ambassadors of other racial nations..
    As it stands, the ignorant fool provides material for the jew to further shame Europeans into behavioural acquiescence and and auto-genocidal euthanasia… She may as well be in the employ of the smirking Kike and it would not surprise at all if a mere 30 micro shekels secured her squalid collaboration.
    If naming the jew, it being the quintessential hater of all that is and was….. that would be another matter.

    The “deputy’ and serpentile Kosher Klown should perhaps keep its hypercritial forked tongue between its sharp and nasty teeth.

    While the jew may bear a physical resemblance to others, meta physically, they live in a world that is the polar inverse of most others. Hence ‘ anti-Semitism’

    1. G Smith (@yellowgavin)

      Interesting. Thanks for the links. Well, I think the Jews and their indoctrinated white morons will succeed. I can’t believe we’re living with a gulag. Someone rants and they’re charged with a crime. No matter how many times I see it, I still can’t believe I’m living through it.

  5. Noachideous

    The delusional jew diagnoses those who have no desire to participate in its cock sucking religion as ‘mentally ill’………

    Jews make it a religious imperative to create religious ceremonies that mock the existence and memory of those they have destroyed…. Eating the ears of Haman comes most immediately to mind. Considering that non-jews comprise the eternal refuse and left overs from the creation as described by the jew, it makes sense that the jew seeks the elimination of everyone else.

    The BnaiBrith were involved in the creation of the Red Poppy ceremony, and it has come to my mind that the use of the poppies represent Judaic mockery of gentile war dead who fought unwittingly for the creation of this ‘Israel’ monstrosity in 1948.
    Further proof comes from the fact that the gematria of Red Poppy, Papaver rhoeas and corn poppy all amount to 48 in gematria.

    The jew uses an everlasting flower to memorialise its war dead, but has been involved in manufacturing the use of a temporal annual, the poppy for goyische war dead. This is consistent the jew view that the ‘goy’ constitute soul less bipedal beast whose only purpose is to serve the jew, it believing itself to be the singularly magnificent purpose of the creation.

    Clearly, the jews are mistaken, deluded or collectively ‘mentally ill’ by their own faecal analysis.

    I remain uncomfortable with this red poppy ceremony and regard it a Judaic mockery of gentile war dead…….disguised as ‘remembrance’ It should be changed, and jews for ever banned from participating in any commentary, political activity, media incitement or dialogue regarding the nature of goyische participation in jewhiss war efforts to create ‘greater israel’ by the blood of genocided others.

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