Hitler’s Active Defense of Germany

The world should have listened.

Germany listened. The rest of the world should have too…..

This radio show is well worth a listen if you’re interested in the events of WWII and the lead up. The show is four months old now and I only just got around to listening to it today……..

“Sword Brethren and the Kaiser fill in for William Finck with a discussion concerning the various steps which Adolf Hitler had to take in order to effectively defend Germany from those who would destroy it.”

Hitler’s Active Defense of Germany MP3

While I’m at it, here’s a couple other good shows worth listening to:

“Is there a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, a ‘good’ or ‘evil’? Or is it all just ‘relative’. Mike & Sven discuss how some have been fooled into running from Christianity so hard that they run right into the arms of Jewish relativism.”

Mike Delaney and Sven Longshanks discuss Jewish relativism MP3

Finally, if you want an easy to understand basic overview of what the Bible’s really all about (which means CI & nothing else in my opinion), then once again Andrew Carrington Hitchcock delivers in this show with John Friend:

John Friend & Andrew Carrington Hitchcock MP3

Just remember this you Jew motherfuckers - God (the one you hate) is with us!!!! We are the embodiment of truth!

God Hates Jews.

By the way, Burger King is selling fag-pride burgers in San Francisco…….. Hahahahahahaha!! This is fucking funny stuff. Read the article for a laugh!

– BDL1983

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