Sudanese Footballer Majak Daw charged with Rape

The first "Sudanese-born" AFL player is up on rape charges... Who'd have thunk it?

The first “Sudanese-born” AFL player is up on rape charges… Who’d have thunk it?

From The Age:

North Melbourne footballer Majak Daw has been charged with three counts of rape relating to an alleged sexual assault in Altona North in 2007.

Victoria Police detectives filed a charges summons at court on Monday and Daw is expected to be served with a summons today.

It is believed the charges relate to allegations of penile, oral and  digital rape.

Fairfax Media reported earlier this month that Daw had been arrested and interviewed in May over the offences allegedly committed in 2007.

Daw, 23, has reportedly denied the allegations.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman confirmed that detectives from the Sex Crimes Department had charged a 23-year-old man from Wyndham Vale with three counts of rape.

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Not Guilty?

Not Guilty? Yeah right…..

With “Multicultural Round” less than 3 weeks away, this is probably not the greatest news the AFL wanted to hear!

On a more positive note, Majak’s father was a famous Sudanese inventor. The story goes that he was running Sudan’s premier fencing company when he had a brainwave and invented the gate!! Yes, that’s right, the Africans invented the gate. This is also where Majak got his name from as his father exclaimed, “dis iz a majak daw!!”

Seriously though, if you’re a White woman, don’t go near these “people”. The Jewish media will never warn you that these people are dangerous, violent savages, with an uncontrollable urge to rape. When they see White women, bad things tend to happen. The criminally negligent mainstream media calls their presence “cultural enrichment”, and whenever one of them commits crimes people are taught to view them as “individuals” rather than recognising the racial nature of crime.

– BDL1983

13 thoughts on “Sudanese Footballer Majak Daw charged with Rape

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  2. Steven King

    Let em come after my white woman. Or my friends or family. Have my auto .12 gauge loaded with slugs. Game over towel head.

    Later days brother! S

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  3. Trent

    In my opinion the crime of a Non-aryan having sexual
    Intercourse with an aryan women requires the death penalty.

  4. Zerstoerer

    It’s about time real “Australians” boycott corporate sponsored institutionalised sports in this country and addressed the real issues concerning us, before Australia the western world ends up like the specter of Romans in the coliseum.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Yes i agree. I went to one game of AFL about a month ago. A friend had a spare ticket so it’s either use it or don’t. Since there’s no fucking way I’m paying to go to a game and I hadn’t seen this friend for a while, I went along. Price of beer is another story……
      Anyway, i can safely say by looking at the average person there, that we are already in the colosseum and 99% of these people think things have never been better. Very low IQ types continually attend these games out of enjoyment. A lot go because they’ve nothing better to do….
      Having said that, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a few beers and watching some sport now and then, but why not support a local sport team instead of a Jew corporate franchise like the AFL? People need to seek “entertainment” outside of Jew $$$ financed outlets!! That sends ’em a big fuck you!!!
      Good comment mate! 1488

  5. Obie

    Race is just a social construct?

    Yeah right.

    Take a look at the nigger’s fellow North Melbourne players and you’ll see just how much of a social construct it truly is.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      He’s the first one of the Sudanese monkeys to play AFL and he’s up on 3 counts of rape!!! Monkeys will be monkeys! 14/88

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