Radio Stormer: Muslims, Mongrels and Marxism


Sven Longshanks and Brett Light discuss the DS poll results and the recent Alexa rankings, as well as other topical subjects including:

ISIS doing us a favor by showing that ‘British’ Muslims are a threat to the British.

Church Leaders exposing themselves as enemies to their own congregation, by distorting the Bible to encourage the extinction of White people.

Identifying the natural order and conforming to it is shown to be the only way to form a successful society and White societies based on caste achieved this.

‘Equality’ and ‘Human Rights’ are exposed as being in defiance of the natural order.

The Jews role in subverting society is highlighted throughout.


Hopefully the show turned out alright! I don’t really like listening to the sound of my own voice, but whatever….. It’s you that has to listen to it, not me!! Hahaha!

Here’s the link to the Stormer post.

– BDL1983

5 thoughts on “Radio Stormer: Muslims, Mongrels and Marxism

  1. Steven King

    What’s going on there brother? Was wondering, I erased on accident the last post/ mr butterworth… Was very interesting and then I erased it! Damnit. Can you possibly resend it to me please? I have some friends to whom I would like to send it . And I want to listen to the rest of the recordings.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work! Steven

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  2. Trent

    Hey brett, do you speak german? I’m currently learning, i want to be able to speak
    it fluently in a few years time, i think i am more comfortable speaking german than english
    as german is the main language of the nordic peoples, at least the mother language, english
    is of course a west german dialect, i’d like to learn german, i can speak it phonetically perfectly
    i just have to master the grammar and vocabulary etc.. What about yourself brother? Your thoughts?


    1. BDL1983 Post author

      No, I can’t say that I speak it. I know a few bits and pieces, but I’m confident that I know enough to read through some text in basic German and get the gist of what it means! English into German = hard work; not good at it. German into English = a lot easier. I can understand a certain amount of spoken German on the Jew news show DW-TV, but yeah, reading it is by far the easiest aspect from my efforts so far!
      I will learn it properly at some point in the future, but no time currently…..
      14/88 Trent

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