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  2. Adrian

    Regarding your quotation; “William Luther Pierce was a great man who always said it how it is”.
    So take note of what William said at 5.30 bearing in mind what I have told you about Christianity which is that its just another form of Jewish Communism.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      This post of the Lemmings video is about just that: Lemmings. That is why I posted it and that is what my commentary was referring to. You clearly have a major problem with Christianity. I hate the Churches and modern “Judeo-Christianity”, as did W.L. Pierce. If you are too thick to distinguish between the Jewish-infiltrated Christianity of today and the original doctrine, then that’s your problem. I don’t care what you think about it. Why keep coming back to this site if it’s not to your liking?

  3. Adrian

    BDL1983 Post author

    “April 14, 2014 at 16:10

    “You would be very surprised to know just how many of the so called “ant-semantic” websites are actually operated by them or for their benefit.”

    I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised actually. This whole internet based “movement” is bullshit. It doesn’t exist in the real world. I’m only keeping this site going because it’s somewhere for me to vent – basically: just for the hell of it!!
    I hope Muhammad Ali meant what he said there and didn’t go on to date white women. Oh well, whatever…… Jewtube tends to remove videos where it’s a WHITE PERSON saying that sort of thing, anyone else and they’ll more than likely leave it up there…..
    Brother Nathaniel is a shithead Jew liar out there deceiving at the highest levels of info, mainly by pretending that any Jew can convert to Christianity and they’re no longer a Jew… That sort of crap. Jews are a parasitic entity and can never convert into anything different, just like how the leopard can’t change his spots!
    By the way, I don’t think the Jews really care that much about us doing nothing but constant blogging…..
    How can you be so sure that Nat is a Jew…. because he told you so? Whether or not he really is Jewish is irrelevant because his goal is to promote Jewboy KGB Putin just like you do!
    And guess who is at the forefront of promoting WW3?………Its Jewboy Putin!
    Adrian D Chetwynd

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Adrian, Brother Nathaniel is a Jew. I would have though it blatantly obvious just by looking at him!
      Regarding Vlad – I don’t “promote” him. I’ve only ever put one or two posts on this site about him. I think he’s a mixed-bag to put it simple. Read that fucking article I wrote. Do I have to explain every little thing to the “Nth” detail before you get it?

      1. Adrian

        I currently believe that Bro Nat is a Russian imported Jew with lots of Jewish backing but the fact of the matter is that he is extremely good at teaching people about the evils of the Jewish mafia with great accuracy and to me the best thing about him is that he does not promote Gold like most Jews do so perhaps there is a hope that he may be a good guy in hiding?

        But unfortunately for me he is promotes multiculturalist Putin and Judeo-Christianity just like you do.
        Adrian D Chetwynd 😦

        1. Adrian

          Bullshit Brett,
          You were 100% behind Andre Anglin’s support of Putin and the “real aeroplane” conspiracy.

  4. Adrian

    “Lemmings” How appropriate to you Brett, here is one of your comments on the DS website:


    December 2, 2013 at 2:41 pm
    John, John, John. I like you John. But you’re being taken for a ride. Shack definitely looks like a jew to me, and his September Clues is pure fantasy. There’s plenty of proof that planes were used in 9/11. This kind of crap is jewish damage control in response to good documentaries like Missing Links. Come one John, snap out of the spells cast by the kike konjurors. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, we’ve all been victims of it.


    December 3, 2013 at 6:35 am
    I agree!”

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Ah yes, the genius Adrian Chetwynd is back!
      Missing Links was made by Mike Delaney and John Alan Martinson Jnr, neither of whom are Jewish, therefore it is not a Jewish video. Another simple point I’d like you to answer is this: “Why do you think the Jews would put out a movie saying the Jews did 9-11?”….. Yeah that makes good sense; Jews exposing their own guilt – yeah right. If that was the case Missing Links would be shown regularly on the History Channel!
      On the other hand there are tons of reasons why Jews like Simon Shack would put out September Clues which basically alleges that 9-11 was a movie set and nothing much really happened. This is because if nothing much really happened, then the Jews aren’t really guilty of committing any crime, just a few naughty tricks on the goyim.
      Here’s a my stance on 9-11:
      I stand by the comment you copy and pasted from Dec 3 last year. That guy is right, so I agreed with him. You, on the other hand, are rather nutty and you have no proof of your claim that ‘MISSING LINKS WAS A JEWISH VIDEO’ because it isn’t.
      I know you want me to delete your comments, then you’ll start complaining about how I’m censoring you, but I’ll publish them because I have nothing to hide and nothing I can’t explain!
      By the way, you predicted my website stats would go down as a result of you commenting… Nope, from 270k up to about 225k in the last month! Keep commenting Adrian “The Destroyer”!!!!

  5. Adrian

    Eat that Mr Brett Putin worshipper!
    Putin is a KGB agent.
    Putin is a very rich oligarch (so just where did he gain his wealth from then Mr Smarty pants?)
    Putin is a devout multiculturalist.
    Putin promotes the so called “holocaust”.
    Putin regularly visits Israel wearing a skull cap.
    Putin has recently made “nationalism” a crime in Russia.
    Putin pretends to be a so called; “Christian”.
    Putin is a “two faced liar” so are you too Brett?
    If you really believe that a couple of aeroplanes downed two extremely strong steel and concrete towers then I dare you to put that in writing, sign it and bequest the document to your grandchildren…. if you dare to be proved to be such a buffoon to your future grandchildren that is!….Or is it that you are full of shit and are very unlikely to father your own children like I did.

    Adrian D Chetwynd
    (Address supplied courtesy of Jewish Google)

  6. Adrian

    “This always needs re-enforcing. William Luther Pierce was a great man who always said it how it was. People are a bunch of idiots” and BDL1983 is no exception!

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      I’m bored of responding to your bollocks Adrian.
      For a start, it makes no sense, then you accuse me of worshiping Vladimir Putin, even though I’ve explained to you that I don’t, yet you insist on it.
      Then you keep saying I support Judeo-Christianity which is incorrect. I hate Judeo-Christianity. I agree with Christian Identity which is the complete opposite of Judeo-Christianity.
      As for the 9-11 thing, I’ve seen all that no planes crap before. It’s promoted by Jews to acquit the Jews of guilt, like I’ve explained to you before thickhead. If you can’t tell that Simon Shack is a Jew then you are retarded.
      No-one else has the same amount of trouble understanding what I’m on about as you Adrian. I’m done responding to your bullshit trolling comments. I’ll still publish them just to prove to you that no-one cares about your idiotic comments!
      Good luck reducing my website stats you fuckin’ nut!
      Start your own fucking website arsehole, since you know best. Show us how it’s done!!!! No excuses either! Start your own brainy-act!
      Like I said before – I’m officially done responding to you….. waste of time…..

  7. Adrian

    Apparently it must be getting quite warm right now in Israel judging by your over-heated anti-white-nationalist comments and if you really believe that an aeroplane and a few thousand gallons of kerosene can down thousands of tonnes of steel and a lot of very big concrete slabs then I suspect that you might be a female fool and not the Aryan man like you claim to be.

    Whatever….. you cannot deny Brett that you are a “sucker” to each and every Jewish so called “conspiracy” no matter of how fucking ridiculous it may be……. e.g. the so called “Woolwich beheading”!
    Adrian D Chetwynd

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