The Winter Solstice in Australia

I don't know that I'll be attending any festival, but I'll be having a few beers, that's for sure!

I don’t know that I’ll be attending any festival, but I’ll be having a few beers, that’s for sure!

Right now in South Australia it is the 21st of June 2014. This is the shortest day of the year, otherwise known as the Winter Solstice.

The sun rose at 7:23 am and will set at 5:11 pm, meaning we will get 9 hours 48 minutes and 20 seconds of daylight. For some reason I’ve always found it fascinating to flick through the sunrise/sunset times for different places around the world. Don’t ask me why, but I can do it for hours and not get sick of it! I’m weird eh!

Time for a coffee:


A pat of the cat:

Tough guy

Tough guy

Then a few of these:

Delicious Pale Ale..... Mmmmmm

Delicious Pale Ale….. Mmmmmm

Have a good solstice everyone! Cheers!

– BDL1983

11 thoughts on “The Winter Solstice in Australia

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  2. commandergoyim


    I didn’t know you we’re in the land of wonder, the land down under anyway you look well-stocked mate and you’ve got the Sun down there. I just got a letter back from my doctor I took some blood tests I’m OK but modern technology never stops amazing me; they told me I had a vitamin D deficiency quite low at 24… great I could’ve told him that, look up — hahaha at any rate, nice to meet a fellow National Socialist and I look forward to meeting you down there sometime; if you ever want to freeze your ass off, come to Scotland sometime but I promise you you shouldn’t come up here — go somewhere U can have some fun, by the way, and I think this is important since you say you’re interested in the Solstice around the world. I used to live in Sweden and of course your winter solstice is our summer solstice and they have a great celebration for/on the 24th of June… a party man, they have crayfish all night long in giant cauldrons cooking and all the great food and I just run through the forest all night long. I’m sure you can imagine the fun you have with those wonderful Swedes, now, have to keep the undesirable elements out of course on camels; anyway take care mate, I’m a bit of a National Socialist big interests maps/ A.H./C.S.A.


    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Commander Goyim – If ever you’re in Australia let me know. I’ll have a few beers with ya mate! I appreciate the good comment by the way; fourteen hundred and eighty eight

    2. Trent

      See brett, even this wonderful chap(he sounds absolutely awesome) goes to the doctor for blood tests like me! If your a proud national-socialist, go to the doctor for blood tests so that you can maintain your health perfectly. I too am low in vitamin-D, but put it this way, your in scotland, im in australia, bit of a difference, you have the perfect excuse, i dont! 🙂

  3. Trent

    Damn brett man i gotta say you drink beer like it’s going out of fashion and yet
    you don’t believe in modern-medicine… I’m not judging you, but seriously.. Have a think
    my friend. I Don’t drink alchohol at all, i just find it amazing you think alchohol is fine but antibiotics and vaccines arent! Again im not judging you, everybody drinks alchohol, and i have had a drug habit in the past so i can’t speak for myself… And i’m a smoker as well too, not good.


    1. BDL1983 Post author

      You know the thing is Trent, beer makes your mental health better and if you drink enough alcohol you’ll kill of every disease in your body to start with!! I love beer because it’s great. You can judge all you want mate, i don’t care beer will reign supreme over all Jewish drugs!
      Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, especially when talking about BEER!
      1488 Trent

      1. Trent

        That’s fine man, everyone in my family thinks the same about alchohol as you do,
        my mother drinks alchohol quite heavily socially and she has a drink every day, i don’t
        agree with it, i think alchohol is the ultimate poison – jewish or not. It causes severe liver
        damage and heavy drinkers end up with mental and brain damage also. Ethanol is the active ingredient in alchohol – a central nervous system toxin that poisons your brain. I For one despise jews, but im gonna vaccinate all my precious little ones – and take them to the doctor for checkups as well – i value the life of my precious children and will let white nordic medicine look after them and myself and my wife and family to the end of time – i just hope we can all get around it with our differing views about medicine and our combined hatred of world jewry – peacefully.


  4. sophiaheidler

    Summer Solstice Greets Southern Kamarad! Was out at 6 and often till 8:30
    doing Greetings to SUN and reconnecting to the SOURCE within.
    New cycle, new life and turning point for truth and advancement of our cause.
    All things will return to go and collect wisdom and believers along the way
    Forever advancing HIS vision. HH .:)

  5. Trent

    Oh and by the way, happy summer solstice to all nordic brothers and sisters in the northern hemisphere, this time is meant for massive celebration for all germanic peoples, it means our crop cycle is entering it’s most productive stage of the year – time for an all around celebration and get together at stone henge! As for our brothers and sisters in the land down under, it’s time to cuddle up with a blanket by the fire with your loved ones, something im gonna do for the next 3 months, and probably you too brett, i’m going down the pub today for a few cokes with my mates, sit outside by the gas heaters and enjoy a few sips and a few tuggs of tabaccy. Peace.


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