Asylum seekers’ families to sue Government over 2010 Christmas Island accident

From ABC News:

Scumbag parasites

Scumbag parasites

Families of asylum seekers killed and injured when their boat was smashed onto rocks at Christmas Island are suing the Government.

Fifty Iranian and Iraqi asylum seekers died when huge seas drove their boat, known as SIEV 221, into Christmas Island’s cliffs in December 2010.

Lawyer George Newhouse (Jew – BDL1983) will today launch legal action in the New South Wales Supreme Court on behalf of eight families, arguing Australia was responsible and the Commonwealth breached its duty of care.

Mr Newhouse represented survivors at the 2012 inquest, saying at the time that government policies were putting lives at risk.

Mr Newhouse will argue the Commonwealth knew or should have known that there were vulnerable men and women on the high seas that night.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who was informed of the law suit last night, has defended the actions of the Government, saying the claim “beggars belief”.

“Frankly, I think this is a shameful and offensive claim to be making. Sure, people have the right to bring cases to court – we are a free country – but they have to be accountable for the claims,” he said.

Aboard the boat known as SIEV 221 (Suspected Irregular Entry Vessel 221) on December 15, 2010, were 89 Iranian and Iraqi asylum seekers and three crew. In the monsoon weather, the vessel escaped detection and it was residents on the island watching the tragedy unfold who raised the alarm.

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This is what they are going on about on the TV this morning. One of the hosts (whoever it was..) on “ABC Jew News 24” said that this is like a family’s house burning down and then the family suing the firefighters for not being able to put it out! An apt analogy if ever there was one!

For a start, these “people” come here to do nothing but sponge off the government (I.e. our tax funds). Then when Mother Nature throws them a bad deal, they still have an option to sue the Government and rake in the money which they certainly don’t deserve. This is what happens when your laws/legal system are at the mercy of Jewish manipulation. Not only are these so-called “asylum seekers” scumbag parasites, but they are also ungrateful as hell! They should all have been sent back to the country they came from, or blown out of the water for daring to come here. That would “stop the boats” with no degree of uncertainty! Anyone want to vote for me as Immigration Minister at the next election? Hahaha! These “asylum seekers” make me sick! I’ll give ’em hardline!

– BDL1983

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  2. JP

    And sadly, whites will lay down and take it from this filth. There’s two ancient, very dangerous cultures that should never be allowed in to any other countries, Jews and Muslims. They enter the country bent on domination.

  3. kerryo

    Ha,ha,ha,i’m laughing because those puke sucking homo,kike, white genocidal perverts in charge will award them compensation for their self inflicted stupidity, and I bet these camel butt bumpers are represented by some hook nosed fuck that looks just like them.

  4. GDSoldier

    Deport every single one of them, and the filthy kike trying to extort the country on their behalf.
    We have hit a new low with this debacle, Semites==the scourge of the earth! 1488-SIEG HEIL

  5. guest1

    Just saw this on channel kike (10) and this is how it was announced. “Scott morrison has attacked the families of dead assylum seekers” you honestly cant make this shit up, its getting beyond a joke.

      1. guest1

        This bastard is at it again, when the boats are continuously arrive the media potrays it as if the world is going to end, when the boats have stopped and one makes it through and we turn it back all hell breaks lose, omg how dare we turn it back etc, and fucken newhouse comes running to help, fuck fake refugees and fuck the media that play both sides, and fuck any australian who is dumb enough to believe any of this shit.

        1. Trent

          Nice comment man, good to see another aussie bloke
          like the rest of us ( me, brett and aidhan ) you should join
          us on skype.

  6. akc1993

    Reblogged this on Nordic Anti Semite and commented:
    The immigration minister said basically that it’s a silly claim to make. The media is calling it ‘immigration minister attacks families of asylum seekers’… dead asylum seekers!
    Brett original writer of the article did some digging on this ‘Newhouse’ and found out he is also involved in the gay rights lark. He takes a name like Newhouse, sounds English, just an individual. Nobody knows that he is involved in faggots and all! They think oh yehh court case oh yehh.
    Mixed race scum are only a consequence of them and have no souls
    It can be visualised this way, that that’s what jews produce, mongrels, it’s their output, it’s like rubbish, litter, the jew just throws all over the world.

  7. Davegc

    Smack em if there yellow, smack em if there black,smack em in the head till they don’t come back!

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