What’s in a Vaccine?

To jab or not to jab?

To jab or not to jab?

An important thing to consider before going off to get a “booster jab” is just what exactly is in the “jab”.

I don’t know about you, but I simply couldn’t rest easy knowing that my body was deficient in African green monkey kidney cells, Aspartame, Bovine (cow) serum, Chick embryo cells, Chinese hamster ovary cells, Dog kidney cells, Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium, Formaldehyde, Hydrochloric acid, Mercury, Mouse brain cells, Rabies antigen, Salmonella Typhi bacteria, Thimerosal, or loads of viruses!!!!! If you feel like your health is suffering then you may be lacking some of these essentials! A trip to your local GP to get vaccinated would be in order!

Here’s a list of vaccine ingredients (all of the above are included and more!):






  • Dehydrate sodium hydrogen phosphate
  • Dextran
  • Dextrose
  • Dibutyl phthalate
  • Diethyl phthalate
  • Diethylether
  • Diphtheria CRM197 protein
  • Diphtheria formoltoxoid
  • Diphtheria toxoid
  • Disodium dehydrogenate phosphate
  • Disodium edentate (EDTA)
  • Disodium phosphate dehydrate
  • Dog kidney cells
  • Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium



  • Fatty-acid ester-based antifoam
  • Ferrum phosphoricum
  • Fetuin
  • Filamentous hemagglutinin (FHA)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Formalin




  • Influenza A virus hemagglutinin
  • Influenza B virus hemagglutinin
  • Influenzae polysaccharides
  • Iron oxide red ci77491
  • Iron oxide yellow ci77492
  • Isotonic phosphate buffered saline
  • Isotonic saline
  • Isotonic sodium chloride solution





  • Neisseria meningitides OMPC
  • Neomycin
  • Neomycin sulphate
  • Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide


  • Octoxynol-10
  • Ovalbumin (egg)


  • Pertactin
  • Pertussis toxin
  • Pertussis Toxoid
  • Phenol
  • Phospholipids lecithin
  • Pneumococcal Polysaccharide(s)
  • Polyalcohols
  • Polydimethylsiloxane
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Polygeline
  • Polymyxin B
  • Polyoxidonium
  • Polyribosylribitol phosphate
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Potassium chloride
  • Potassium dehydrogenate phosphate
  • Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
  • Potassium diphosphate
  • Potassium glutamate
  • Potassium monophosphate
  • Potassium phosphate
  • Potassium phosphate- monobasic
  • Protein contaminants
  • Protein hydrolysate


  • Rabies antigen
  • Rabies: Human Immunoglobulin Antibodies
  • Recombinant HBsAg protein



  • Tetanus
  • Tetanus formoltoxoid
  • Tetanus protein
  • Tetanus toxin
  • Tetanus toxoid
  • Thimerosal
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Tri(n)butylphosphate
  • Triton N101
  • Triton X-100
  • Trometamol
  • Tryspin


  • Vibrio polysaccharide antigen
  • Virus: Coxiella burnetii organisms, killed
  • Virus: Hepatitis A
  • Virus: Hepatitis B
  • Virus: Human papillomavirus (denatured) (HPV)
  • Virus: Inactivated whole avian influenza
  • Virus: Influenza
  • Virus: Influenza virus antigens
  • Virus: Japanese encephalitis (JE)
  • Virus: Measles
  • Virus: Mumps
  • Virus: polio
  • Virus: Rabies
  • Virus: Respiratory Syncitial Virus (RSV)
  • Virus: Rotavirus (live, attenuated)
  • Virus: Rubella
  • Virus: SV40
  • Virus: Vaccinia (smallpox)
  • Virus: Varicella (chickenpox)
  • Virus: Yellow fever


  • Xanthan gum


  • Yeast
  • Yeast extract

Vaccine ingredient list found here

It’s a pretty sickening list of ingredients isn’t it? I’m no doctor, but you know what? I don’t need to be to tell you that all of this crap isn’t going to do you any good!

The choice is this:

1.) Trust your Jewish-controlled Government propaganda which tells you to get vaccinated at the behest of Jewish run pharmaceutical companieswho then get to roll in the profits, or

2.) Trust your own immune system to do the job. You were (most likely) born perfectly healthy and capable of fighting off disease and illness. Take care of yourself – eat well, exercise and be strong. That’s my approach to health and I don’t see any need to artificially tamper with my body. There’s nothing wrong with it and Jew vaccines sure as hell aren’t going to help!

Bottom line: Anyone who’s read through the ingredients and still thinks it’s a good idea to get vaccinated, is mad to put it mildly!

For more information on vaccines visit Dr. Rebecca Carley’s site.

– BDL1983

17 thoughts on “What’s in a Vaccine?

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  2. Noachideous

    How glorious to have one existence sanctioned by the most magnificent bipedal specimens ever to have graced the face of dis earth…

    The inoculation against the above is the light of day.

    This anti-Semitism schlock the jew wails about so much is a function of one thing only….. The inability of the jew to lie and deceive perfectly…….So much for the ontological exceptionality that some weaselly wailer whined about. So it invents, ‘hate’ legislation and holocaust denial law to foist its religion on the recalcitrant and punish those who’ve had a gutfull of the eternally torrential Shit of the Jew.

  3. Trent

    I Don’t really agree with you here brett, nordic medicine is about preserving the health
    of nordic man, we may be born biologically superior to jews, but our immune system can’t
    handle heavy bacterial and viral infections, it simply isn’t that perfect. Antibiotics are a great
    nordic invention, without them, nordic life expectancy is about 50. All nordics need regular health checkups and vaccinations, a visit to your local gp is a monthly must for all nordics, including myself, for cancer prevention and early detection, and to look after your health, i get regular checkups and blood tests and vaccinations from my gp to maintain my health constantly, if your a nordic male, your prostate gland should be familiar to you and your GP, if your a nordic female, regular pap-smears and self-examination of your breasts could save your life and should be part of your daily routine.


    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Did you read the list mate?
      Jews are heavily involved in the pharmaceutical drug industry and the job of these mega-companies is to sell you their drugs. Your GP is the middle man between Jew drugs, and YOU. These are unnatural, often harmful substances, and therefore clearly not the answer to health problems.
      It sounds like you got that comment directly off a “health” story from the TV news! TV = Jew = bad idea = not what you should do!

      1. Trent

        But man, what the fuck would you do if a doctor tomorrow told you that
        you had cancer, and unless you had treatment, you would die within weeks?


        1. BDL1983 Post author

          Well if I had cancer, a vaccine would be irrelevant to start with…. A vaccine is the sort of thing that gives people cancers; they don’t prevent it! I’d seek alternative treatment, and since cancer loves an acidic body, a full-on alkalizing process would be in order! There are many alternative health treatments out there Trent which free you from the toxic Jewish drug industry style of treatment….
          Seek the light mate! 14/88 as always!

      2. Adrian

        Nice one Brett…… Do you recon that Trent is just a shill for the “Jewish pharmacy money rip off industry” like I do?

        1. BDL1983 Post author

          No, I don’t think that. I just think Trent has gone down the wrong track regarding the vaccine issue.

  4. GDSoldier

    The real killer in these vaccines is what is used as the “adjuvant”, this substance(s) are used to increase the immune response to the antigen. The results of this “hyperstimulation” of the immune system coupled with all the toxins in these biological weapons are unpredictable and often deadly.These are soft kill weapons, a good example is the “flu shot”, which generates huge revenues and weakens the body. As Brett stated, the doctors are now just legal dealers, receiving commission for sales. 1488 before it’s too late!

  5. Trent

    Man sorry boys, i agree with you both that jews are the demons behind
    the corruption of everything, but i totally disagree with your views on alternative
    medicine – i hope we don’t hate each other, and i still love you all, but let’s just
    peacefully agree to disagree. Germany, the home of the aryan race, is the scientific
    foundation of modern medicine. In the 1800s german scientists first identified microorganisms
    as being the transmission vectors of most human diseases. Don’t dishonor them with medieval style non-european science. Just as it says in the Eternal Jew(the bible film of national-socialists like us and adolf hitlers personal autobiography) ‘ European science is objective and tolerant – it free’d innocent people from the slaughters of jewish pseudosciences ‘ Don’t dishonor adolf with your pseudoscientific views on medicine. His own mother died of breast cancer when he was 18 because jewish doctors injected her with the same filth you believe in.

    Sieg Heil.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Nah, I don’t hate ya mate… We’ll have to agree to disagree!
      Now this I find interesting “His own mother died of breast cancer when he was 18 because jewish doctors injected her with the same filth you believe in.” So that’s somehow proof that we should all tow the line with the Jew drug companies is it?
      Strange how you uphold Jewish drugs ABOVE the alleged filth (ie. natural remedies) that I would promote…..
      No hard feelings mate, 1488

    2. Adrian

      Not such a bad guy after all hey. But what made him make such a stupid comment just before this?

  6. Trent

    Yes let’s just agree to disagree and instead lets all fight the common enemy(the jew)!.

    White Power.

  7. Adrian

    If my memory is correct then it was the lesser (to the Rothschild’s) Rockefellers who promoted the useless and very often deadly artificial prescription drugs that our bought off doctors prescribe to us so called “worthless Goyim’s” just to make a little extra cash for themselves.

  8. Trent

    Boy am i glad not everyone thinks like you guys there! Cause we would all be dead! Including you!

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