Radio Stormer: Sven and I talk about Jews…… and the White race!

Daily Stormer
June 7, 2014


Sven and Brett discuss the problems Whites are facing in Australia and the rest of the White world.

Racial crimes against Whites are being covered up and Police are too frightened to do anything due to accusations of ‘racism’.

Australia’s ex-Foreign Minister Bob Carr has spoken out recently about the Jewish lobby’s disproportionate voice in government.

The Jews hand in promoting vice and depravity is exposed.

The way the Jews use their media to ridicule and silence dissent is highlighted.


Well, there you go! That’s me rambling for an hour and a half! I hope it’s not too bad to listen to! I thought it went pretty good, and I didn’t even swear….. no that’s not true, I slipped up once in the middle of the show! F*&king Hell!

– BDL1983

5 thoughts on “Radio Stormer: Sven and I talk about Jews…… and the White race!

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  2. Ben Doon

    I think your post on Vikings (on this site) misses the fact that the intention of the Viking Wars was the destruction of Celtic Christianity in the British Isle and the enslavement of these people.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the locations of Christian loot were given specifically by the enemies of christianity.

    The Vikings were defeated and Converted.

    The White Slave trade funded the Viking Wars.

    Who ran that slave trade?

    When they were over who do you think funded the Norman Invasion?
    Norman being Norse.

    Once again the Normans were converted and assimilated.

    So the plan to an extent failed as it always does as it always will.

    So the had to try again with Cromwell.

    And so the struggle to eradicate christianity goes on to this day.

    Freedom and Christianity are linked one can not exist with out the other.

  3. Trent

    I’m not as antisemetic as I use to be, I love my
    White race more than I love myself, but I blame evil
    White people for turning against there own race, not Jews.

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