A Racial Exegesis of the Bible

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From Fascovereign Weltanschauung:

There are many people in the White Nationalist community who are of the opinion that we need a new religion that reinforces loyalty to our race. They think that Christianity is foreign, or that religion is just a means of controlling the masses, controlling people less sophisticated than themselves who believe in ‘fairy tales’. They think we should just create a new religion, as if such a thing could be man made. The whole point of religion is that it is based upon experience of the divine, that is what gives it its legitimacy. If it was that easy to create a new religion then the architects of Communism would have done so, since they knew how powerful it was at inspiring the multitude. The people who think that belief in God is based on the modern meaning of faith (belief in something for which there is no evidence) show their lack of understanding in the subject. The faith that people have is faith in a promise, a promise that is heard and seen throughout creation without the need for words. The fact that we are alive, is proof enough that there is a creator who loves us and it is this which gives us the faith that we will win and that all evil will finally be annihilated, once and for all.

The natural order itself is an allusion to higher things, with systems of hierarchy embedded everywhere. We can see from this that there is a creator and from our natural disposition towards honour and morality, we can see that he is just and gracious. We can also see that the other races do not have the same sense of moral purpose that we have. This is all reflected and explained in the Bible and a structure for society is described, which follows the natural order and ensures social justice. This is why our ancestors proclaimed themselves ‘Christians’.

Christianity is not ‘Jewish’

One of the main criticisms that get levelled against Christianity seems to be that people think it is Jewish. The only reason for people thinking this is that the Jews themselves have told them so. It does not come from within the Bible and people would see that if they read it with unprejudiced eyes. In actual fact, the Jews are entirely excluded from all the promises in the Bible as they are explicitly only made to the Goy (see below for where). The Jews have expanded upon this original Hebrew word which was both plural and singular, to make the plural into the Yiddish ‘Goyim’. They call us Goyim and define themselves as not being Goyim. By saying this they are confirming that they are most definitely not the descendants of the Israelites in the Bible, in fact they are explicitly defining themselves by the fact that they are not, by calling us ‘the Goyim’ and themselves ‘the Jews’. The word ‘Goy’ selectively became ‘Gentile’ in our English translations, which is a latinised form of the greek word ‘ethnos’, which means ‘of the same race’. They are not of the same race as the White man and are nothing to do with God’s people in the Bible. They stole parts of our Bible when they infiltrated and took over the Israelite priesthood in Judea in the two centuries before Christ. This is the first time the word which was translated as ‘Jew’ in our Bibles ever came into use. Unlike the previous biological terms in the Bible which denoted descent from one particular patriarch, the word ‘Jew’ came from a geographical term, in the same way that we use geographical terms to describe people today. An African American is a Negro who lives in America and an Edomite Jew was an Edomite who lived in Judea.

If something is holy and it comes from God, then it stays the same without changing for all time. The laws which our world relies upon in order for it to evolve do not change and the moral laws which are written in our hearts and in our scriptures do not change either. When God speaks, he speaks the truth and if he speaks the truth, then it cannot change, or be over-ridden. We see examples of this in the Bible, for instance when the Ark of the Covenant is about to slip and fall from the shoulders of its carriers and a man steps forward to save it, yet as soon as he touches it he is struck down and dies. He was not a priest and God had said that only the priests were allowed to touch the ark. This shows that even if God wanted to, he could not change the laws that he has made, because then he would have been lying and God is Truth itself, as was Christ, who said he was the Way, the Truth and the Life. Life itself is truth and death is of the lie.

These laws that we were given by our God were for our own good. They were so that we could have a functioning society and ensure that there was justice for people who had been wronged. They were also there to ensure that we remained in our nations and as a part of our race, keeping ownership of the land that we had been given. The commandment to be a peculiar people and to separate ourselves from all others is exactly what the Pro-White message is today. It was as important back then as it is today too. If our ancestors had not kept themselves apart from the other peoples and refusing to breed with them, then we would not even be here today.

The Pro-White Message in the Bible

The racial interpretation of the Bible was not necessary all the while we were hidden away in Europe, safe from the risk of adulterating our blood with the strange flesh of the different kinds in the material world. Our ancestors migrated to Europe and avoided any chance of that happening, as the dark races do not like the cold and they could not follow us. The more hedonistic and avaricious of our ancestors stayed in the hot countries and ended up miscegenating themselves out of existence, destroying the old empires that they had built. It did not used to be very important that Christ said he came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, because the civilised world only had those lost sheep in it. But now that we have ‘multiculturalism’ a racial exegesis of the Bible is essential in order for us to survive. The fact that the racial component is there and was not necessary or really even known about for a large part of the history of Christianity, is proof in itself that the Bible is holy and that Christianity comes from God.

White Nationalists look for a way to appeal to and unite White people and the answer is staring us in the face, it is even an answer that has proved itself to have worked once already. We were united as Christendom and the colonists who went to the New World were all united as Christians. The faith of the White man was enough to unite the colonisers from their different White nations and the societies they built together were all originally based upon Biblical Law. So we already have something positive to unite us, to go along with the negative reason of sharing the same common enemy. Unfortunately things are not as simple as this though, because the racial exegesis of the Bible is not known to the majority of Christians, where it was not necessary for them to know it when all of Europe was still White. Yet it is there, it is a constant theme that runs right the way through the Bible. If Christians refuse to acknowledge it after being made aware of it, then they are condemning the very word of God himself.

We know that the establishment churches are corrupt, but a church is not a building or an organisation, it is the collective of true believers and the true believers are those of the Christian race who keep God’s laws and obey his commandments. Jesus commands us to love our neighbours like ourselves. This means love your racial kinsman, love your nation, love your race. Christ even said that this is the whole of the law and the most complete worship of God that there can ever be. That love is supposed to be exclusively for your neighbour, that means race must come above all else. When the Bible says to turn the other cheek to your enemies, that means to turn the other cheek to the ideological enemies within your own race. The ignorant leftists and Marxists may be violent idiots, but they are still members of our race. We must convince them that we are right, not write them off entirely. Every White man has the capacity to repent and become a new man, as frequently demonstrated by many new members within our movement.  Once you start to be a blessing to your race instead of a curse, God will start to bless you and our race through you. We can only build upon the foundations that were laid down by our ancestors in the past and they laid the foundations for a truly race-based religion and ideology, all based upon Divine experience. Those foundations of the true church are still there in the Bible and are just waiting for us to continue building on them.

Strong’s Concordance tells you what the original Hebrew and Greek words are that were translated into English for our Bibles. The word ‘Nation’ in our Bibles was translated from the word ‘Goy’, Strong’s reference no. 1471.

Genesis ch 12
2 And I will make of thee a great nation (goy), and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:
3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Genesis ch 17
4 As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations (goy).
5 Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations (goy) have I made thee.
6 And I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations (goy) of thee, and kings shall come out of thee.
7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.

Genesis ch 18
18 Seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation (goy), and all the nations (goy) of the earth shall be blessed in him?

Genesis ch 35
10 And God said unto him, Thy name is Jacob: thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name: and he called his name Israel.
11 And God said unto him, I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; anation (goy) and a company of nations (goy) shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins;

Source Article

“The ignorant leftists and Marxists may be violent idiots, but they are still members of our race. We must convince them that we are right, not write them off entirely.”

The above task I don’t think is possible to achieve though….. I think we should just forget them entirely as a means of “thinning the herd“!

An interesting point I never hear mentioned regarding Christianity is how none of the associated artwork is even the slightest bit “Jewy” looking. If the Jews were the creators of Christianity and were also the biblical Israel, as opposed to the seed of Satan which they are, then surely Christian art would look more like the weird wacked-out abstract Jewish crap we know as modern “art”.

– BDL1983

30 thoughts on “A Racial Exegesis of the Bible

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  2. This post sucks

    •Christians worship a Jew
    •Christianity is straight from the Middle East

    1. svenlongshanks

      Yes, because White people never had any empires or civilisations anywhere else but Europe and ancient Egypt was built by all those wonderfully talented negro beasts.

  3. Adrian Chetwynd

    I very much doubt that the Jews wrote much of the material of the old testament because I think that they nicked most of it from the Greeks and the Egyptians but that does not change the fact that they published the old testament at least 600 years after year that the myth which they created called Jesus who supposedly popped his clogs in the year 0 AD.

    As for Islam, I am pretty sure that it was around at least one thousand years before “Jesus” supposedly died but it was taken over and reinvented by the Jews in around about the 7th century and the Jews gave their game away by referencing to so many Jewish beliefs such as pedophilia.

    Do I think that Mohamed really existed? I very much doubt it because I am more inclined to believe that he was just a figment of the pedo Jews imagination.

    Besides, Islam is just another form of communism just like Christianity is.

    ADC 1958

  4. BDL1983 Post author

    “The best characterization is provided by the product of this religious education, the Jew himself. His life is only of this world, and his spirit is inwardly as alien to true Christianity as his nature two thousand years previous was to the great founder of the new doctrine. Of course, the latter made no secret of his attitude toward the Jewish people, and when necessary he even took the whip to drive from the temple of the Lord this adversary of all humanity, who then as always saw in religion nothing but an instrument for his business existence. In return, Christ was nailed to the cross, while our present-day party Christians debase themselves to begging for Jewish votes at elections and later try to arrange political swindles with atheistic Jewish parties– and this against their own nation.”

    – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume 1, Chapter 11

    Dear “This post sucks”, “Kerryo”, “Adrian”,
    I’ve heard all the bollocks you speak before. It’s nothing new to me and I assume you all look up to Adolf Hitler as an authority on most matters. Well, that’s a direct quote from Mein Kampf which illustrates Hitler’s attitude toward Christianity, not from the fraudulent “Table Talks” which is what someone else says he said…..
    You guys do all realise that you buy 100% hook, line, and sinker the Jewish LIE that Jesus was a Jew and Jews created Christianity? Read Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s book “In the Name of Yahweh” if you want to underdstand how the Bible works, who wrote it, and how it is completely contradictory to Jewish Talmudism….. That’s about all i can be bothered saying on the matter. If you don’t care about any of that then whatever, go live in ignorance of the truth…..

  5. Brandon


    Love the blog, and you look like you could be my brother. But you’re drinking too much of the Christian Identity kool-aid.

    Jesus was in fact a sand-nigger, that’s why he spoke Aramaic
    Aryans aren’t the ‘lost tribes of Israel’
    Mein Kampf was mass-market propaganda designed to appeal to a Christian Germany to get Hitler elected; the table-talks are more accurate representations of his thoughts.
    Judeo-Christianity is a degenerate religion that’s actively harmful to the Aryan psyche.

    The goal of Christianity is to unite the world under a single religion, in the process annhilating every culture it touches. This is why it was so harmful to the Aryan species.

    But it’s just about dead: Christianity has been gutted and taken over by its offshoot Liberalism. Just let it die.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Glad you like the site Brandon!

      “Judeo-Christianity is a degenerate religion that’s actively harmful to the Aryan psyche.
      The goal of Christianity is to unite the world under a single religion, in the process annhilating every culture it touches. This is why it was so harmful to the Aryan species.
      But it’s just about dead: Christianity has been gutted and taken over by its offshoot Liberalism. Just let it die.”

      What this bit is all about in reality is what Jews have done to Christianity; that, no-one disagrees with. Replace the word Christianity with Judaism/Jews in the above statement you made and you arrive at who’s behind the subversion of Christianity! I.e. The Jew! By the way, Christianity has been gutted by the Jew and now serves the Jew’s agenda of Liberalism, very true. I hate Judeo/modern Christianity just so you know…..

      To get the gist of how the CI thing works I suggest listening to any interviews with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, he explains it very well, far better than the likes of me! http://andrewcarringtonhitchcock.com/


    2. svenlongshanks

      What a hilarious comment. Do you seriously think a mongrel race of pimps and bankers were capable of writing the most influential collection of books ever that the entire European civilisation was built upon?

      You credit the Jews with far more than they deserve.

      If you actually bothered to read the Bible instead of listening to the corrupt churches, you would see that it is all about racial purity and is only for one race, the White race.

      1. Brandon

        Look around at the world today, that’s where the influence of Christianity leads to.

          1. Brandon

            Jesus was a Jew. St. Paul was a Jew. They infiltrated pretty damn early.

            I just read the first couple of paragraphs on that site so far. They correctly identify the Jews behind the fall of Egypt and Greece. They don’t mention the Roman Empire. Who destroyed that again? What weapon did they use?

            The Christians—you could tell them apart from the original Romans because the Christians were brown people—flooded into Rome and things went downhill. A lot like Europe and America today. There weren’t any white Christians until the Jews started paying off people like Charlemagne to murder the pagans.

            I’m sure you’ve read some of it, Brett, but if you haven’t, David Lane had some pretty insightful things to say about Christianity, including CI, that you can read at http://davidlane1488.com

  6. Jaimes

    Great post. Ignore the dissenters Brett. Christian Identity makes absolute sense. You have to be totally asleep to not realise Christianity has been totally trampled on by the Jew. The Jews absolutely hate Christ, they were responsible for his death and their Talmud says the vilest things about him. Jesus told them “If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham”, which is exactly why we know the Jews are not God’s people and the white race is. The white race accepted their messiah when he came and built moral prosperous societies, which the alien Jew has worked tirelessly to destroy.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Well I think CI makes perfect sense. The more you research it the more certain you become about it… That’s what happened with me and I’m not a person of any previous attachment to any religion. I just looked at what I saw in front of me and it was impossible for me to disagree with the CI narrative!
      Sven Longshanks wrote this article, not me, in case you thought I wrote it.
      14/88 mate!

  7. kerryo

    “In The Name Of Yaweh” is a book I wish I never purchased,i only downloaded it to my Nook because I liked Synagogue Of Satan and wanted to support a fellow white brother working for the cause.Andrew really stretches some of his explanations of Bibical characters & stories to fit his own vested interests.And as far as Hitler,he was one of the greatest man in modern times for championing the white cause,however he is NOT the end of all that matters ,and while I agree with his economic policies and views on race,religion is where we part. Christian Identity is a cult at best,rewritting or reinterpreting the bible to fit a cause is nothing less than that. Christianity is but a few thousand yrs.old,our Pagan fathers gods worked just fine for us ,up until the semitic slime, brought our Kings & Queens to the brink of bankruptcy and then conspired to demonize our Pagan gods and outlaw them, just to appease their jew advisors then proceeded to enslave us to the “all” inclusive & passive ,self destructive sect called Christianity. Whites will never be free until they shed the yoke of that anti-white recipe for white genocide.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Fair enough. Your entitled to your opinions mate. What vested interests do you think Andrew has? I’m not sure what you’re getting at there because he makes it quite clear that he’s not about the money or anything like that….
      I think CI is simply an accurate expression of what the Bible says. The Bible and original Christianity for that matter is “White racial” in nature, so I don’t get how you think it is a recipe for white genocide?
      The Jewish INFILTRATION and takeover of “modern” Christianity is where the problems start… Once again, it’s always the Jews causing problems!

  8. JP

    Abandoning Christianity is suicide, for more reasons than one. Please, White Nationalists, don’t even engage those scum who rant against Christianity. Just ignore them. They’re mostly Commonwealther White Nationalists. Answer them with silence.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Two things that certainly WON’T work are: 1.) Secular White Nationalism, because it is completely absent of any higher purpose or reason for being and 2.) Anti-Christ-ism, because no-one really wants to hear people banging on against Christianity when it’s clearly the Jew who’s fucked everything up anyway!
      14/88 mate

      1. kerryo

        Our higher purpose & REASON is our RACE. Am I the one to point this out? Is there really any other reason?? If your so hung up on Christianity then go hold hands with non-whites and rejoice in a verse of “we are the world”. We as the superior race should be able to know when we’re being hoodwinked.If you choose to be part of a passive religion , and then call out fellow whites with similar goals, well, this as far as your revolution will go,NOWHERE.The jews favorite tactic is divide and conquer and then mass confusion.Where do your alliances reside? Yes the kikes have fucked everything ,including a division of beliefs that are foreign to Europeans,yet here we are conflicted over the jews various poisons they’ve been feeding us.

    2. kerryo

      Jp, your hostility toward your fellow white men because they don’t subscribe to your mid -eastern belief is totally uncalled for.You’re like those name calling kikes and liberal whites that go into physco mode with any discussion or suggestion that may be contrary to their doctrine, the Holocaust is a case in point. You really want to vent your rage ,get your ass of the keys and confront the REAL ENEMY. I could care less if it were a white Hindu furthering our ,MY, cause to rid polite society of this parasitic race of pigs. If you are delusional enough to think that your small sect, CI can go it alone against this monster, and alienate others at the same time that have the same goal in mind, then maybe you really are physcotic.

  9. kerryo

    I guess the obvious is hard to see.Christianity invites miscegenation as an inclusive religion,therefore is harmful and genocidal.Now I’m speaking strictly about mainstream Christianity,not CI. Realistically CI is a minute spec on the global Christian population,and would be looked upon as a cult by the mainstream Christians. Christianity in it’s inception was just one of many new cults that came out of the mid-east.The Christians of Rome that were persecuted and killed were political rebel rousers ,hell bent on the over throw of the empire ,and not for the good of man ,for the benefit of jewery. The original sect was accused of cannibalism and infant sacrifice.Rome as we know was very tolerant toward foreign religions, Christians must have been pretty obnoxious to say the least for the Emperor to take such drastic action to rid Rome of these semitic parasites.Our ancient fathers (mine anyway) resisted this foreign religion as it being very abstract to the European mind of the time. The older churches that adorn statuary of gargoyle faces among other unexplainable images are indeed gods of our forefathers.They used these images to entice us into these buildings of political and religious corruption,to be submissive to the Kings puppet masters. The Trinity is even a rip off of Odin,Thor & Loki,just to make this semitic religion more adaptable for the European mind,and if this failed the sword would surely convince you.I understand Christianity is ingrained into the white populations DNA and to look at it other than a religion of blind faith is very upsetting to Christians. So i’ll ramble on no further and bid my brothers a good day.I think the old saying here would be” don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”. PEACE.

  10. musatunb@yahoo.ca

    I have no problem with the teachings of Moses, Jesus or Mohammed for that matter, neither of them claimed to be God. If anything should be taught in schools it should be Abrahamic principles not particular religious sects so when one turns 18 the choice is up to the individual what they wish to follow. I believe that Hitler was a deist and so adopted those beliefs he truly held instead of the ‘trend of the week’ that so called ‘faithful’ scream true as long as it makes them ‘popular’.
    The rantings of the babylonian talmud were written way after the prophets and they were written by khazars not Israelites.
    I have no time for wotanism or odinism as they seem trends of the week by latte sipping goths

    1. kerryo

      ” trends of the week” lmfao,really ? The kike religions are but maybe 3 thousand yrs old,Norse & Celtic gods have been around a few thousand yrs longer. Maybe you should take your “latte” at a different location.

      1. musatunb@yahoo.ca

        When was the last time a wotanist/odinist/astartu whatever, put his body on the line?
        You will find that whites of the abrahamic faiths will fight for something because they actually believe in it and hold it true.
        Whereas white atheists will only fight for their lesse selves and not the greater whole, wotanists or whatever are too busy dressing up as vikings and getting drunk. Nothing has ever come from them.
        Maybe you should stick to worshipping pixies and elves

        1. kerryo

          Fighting for the survival of the white race and our right to exist and to live among our own without alien influence be it physically or spiritually , having faith in my white brothers and sisters to further our elite race and govern ourselves for the good of our own interests without alien influence is the only belief system I need.Don’t ever under estimate the will and the drive of white men and women who have shed that yoke of bondage called Christianity that has suppressed and kept us under the thumb of the chosenites and gentile tools.My point was, man, has foolishly worshipped some entity or object thru out time because of their fear of the unknown.Whether it be Pixies or some guy who was crucified and rose in 3 days never to be heard from again.Whites must believe in themselves to preserve and further the race and stop worshiping imaginary spirits or “Pixies” that disract. Those of critical thinking of European descent, that still insist on worshiping some brown deity ,well, I question their motives and sincerity especially those who wish to hijack Christianity and work it into a cult (CI) ,that’s counter productive and you alienate others who are in agreemrent to a “final solution”. P.S. no hate here,just discussion and response.

  11. JP

    Well, I’ve lost all faith in any White Nationalist movement after reading the disgusting anti-Christian hatred on the threads of Daily Stormer. I would never stand beside those people in unity. With the vile Christian-hating Western Europeans and Commonwealthers as “brothers,” who needs Marxists to destroy them?

    1. kerryo

      Take a friggin pill already Jp,you can worship a rock for all I care,as long as we all come together as a movement to rid society of the chosenites…..BREATH!

        1. musatunb@yahoo.ca

          I’m not a Christian either but I find that the atheist/wotanist/whatever whites hate us with more fanaticism than they hate jews, blacks, queers etc.
          Makes you wonder what theyre really about……

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