Please Help Keep TRUTUBE Alive!


If you like watching videos from TRUTUBE then send a donation to Mike to keep the site alive! Is this really too much to ask? It seems like every time anyone asks for donations they are called a fucking Jew just because they want to cover the costs of keeping their site going. Personally, Expel The Parasite doesn’t give a fuck about donations because it doesn’t cost much to keep it going, but a huge video sharing site like an anti-Jew YouTube does cost about a $1000 a month to keep going!

Anyway, help out or it’s gone. I’m going to send a few dollars Mikes way in the next few days. Just remember our race is at stake here. Either we support our own uncensored truth-telling sites or they disappear.

(Sorry I had to embed a YouTube video here, I know it’s not appropriate, but for some reason I still can’t get TruTUBE to embed properly!)

Regardless, that song sums up what it’s all about!

– BDL1983

3 thoughts on “Please Help Keep TRUTUBE Alive!

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  2. Trent

    The nordic race is very prevalent In the country of Estonia,
    My dad grew up in a small town with estonians and said that
    They all had very blonde hair. Australia has quite a few Estonian
    Immigrants and it’s so great that our country has a nordic gene pool.

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