All You Need to Know about Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage - I don't know about this character.

Nigel Farage

I’ve had enough of this UKIP character, Nigel Farage. He clearly loves the Jews as is evidenced in this article:

……So what are Farage’s views on the Jewish community? The Jewish Chronicle recently hosted a meeting with him. The meeting was packed, because Farage and UKIP, unlike other minority political parties in the UK (such as the Greens), are enthusiastic supporters of Israel – unequivocally so. The party even has a caucus called “the UKIP Friends of Israel.” Asked by Jewish Chronicle Editor Stephen Pollard about his stance on current Jewish concerns such as attacks on shechita, Farage explained that a UKIP politician recently investigated a kosher slaughterhouse in London’s East End and reported that Jewish ritual slaughter methods are actually more humane than those in the abbatoirs for the general population.

Another of the UKIP’s preoccupations is immigration. Farage, who asserts that prior to Tony Blair becoming Prime Minister, no more than 30,000 immigrants came to the UK annually, explains that the UK is now forced to accept a totally unsupportable minimum of 500,000 immigrants a year due to EU regulations. Next year, Romanians and Bulgarians will be allowed to enter the UK more or less freely – countries whose standard of living is substantially lower than that of the UK, with all that this implies.

Naturally, in an audience of Jews, many of whom are descendants of refugees, Farage was asked whether this meant he was against refugees. “Not at all”, he replied, “I myself am a descendant of refugees, French Huguenots who came here to avoid being burned at the stake!”  But there is a difference, he asserts, between genuine refugees fleeing persecution and people who emigrate to sponge off the state and work for below minimum wage.

UKIP’s anti-European, free trade platform is seriously frightening the incumbent Conservative government. They and the British press, which is overwhelmingly owned by Conservative proprietors, have done all they can to smear the UKIP and paint the party as a bunch of crazies. But Farage is a very convincing politician, and the Jewish vote might help propel a UKIP candidate to the mayoralty of London in 2016. Before that, there are the European elections and the local elections in 2014. If the UKIP does well, Prime Minister David Cameron has much to fear in the next General Election.

He is so obviously a Jew-arse kisser it’s sickening! Check this article out:


Nuff said.

In case anyone is wondering, I don’t love or worship Vladimir Putin. Far from it in fact! I posted the previous post simply because what he said was interesting. Nothing more, nothing less. Figure it out for yourselves….

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on “All You Need to Know about Nigel Farage

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  2. Noachideous

    To the Filth at the BnaiBrith……… we say thank you…. for this…..

    To the Goyishe ‘free’ ‘masons’ who collaborate, cower and lick the bloodied feet of the jew, just so as to be granted permission to go sloppy seconds with a a very lucky 13 yo Daughter, Truth, Veritas, ALETHEIA, after the jew Uncle Bully……. four words Noachide, Kapo,, pathetic and eternal shame. The Feather of Truth will not likely fall lightly upon you…. Quite the contrary.

    The false foundations of this ‘israel’ monstrosity are hydrated with the blood of your racial kin….. FauxMasons……. Europe bleeds so that jews can drink.

    Greater Israel remains the Game, just as it was in WW1 and WW2…… All need to remember that and react thoughtfully. It is why the jew has been so pro immigration, to incite the White to Fight and Die…. in the service of Greater Israel….. and all for a RedPoppy ……. 86 and the laughter of the jew.

  3. Trent

    United Kingdom – the country my race is indigenous to,
    my scandanavian ancestors raped and plumited the shores
    of this ancient northern-european landmass, and colonized it’s
    shores to form the most advanced human nation ever perceived
    on planet earth, a nation so tiny, yet that managed to engulf the entire
    world, a race so noble and powerful it colonized humanity. Is now going to
    be flooded with non-nordic sub-human southern european nomads.


  4. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

    I hate the way UKIP only whines about eastern european white immigrants calling roma gypsies Romanian/Bulgarian when they are clearly not, a total jew puppet.

  5. Noachideous

    There is a strong suspicion amongst many the jew is a fraud, inauthentic and a pretender to things it claims exclusively for itself.
    Its pretensions to singular magnificence are likely to elicit a gag response, then vomit in some who attempt to observe and study the jew so as to unravel and comprehend the depths of its depraved delusion.
    The jew claims itself as the singular spokesman for the God represented by the number 42 known by names not limited to El, Saturn, Israel……..

    Seems the number 42 was in use well before the jew Borg absorbed and assimilated it as a numerological part of its existential monopoly of judaic magnificence. That which the jew destroys is judaised.

    Al Fayed claims the Scots are descended from Egyptian aristocracy and intends a statue in honour of Princess Scota.
    There are some who say that the Egyptian Elites were similar to Europeans with Aryan features, eye and hair colour.
    The Kilt is said to have originated out of Egypt.
    The Flag of the Scots,the Sa ltire would appear as the plan view of a Pyramid if square.

    The Great Highland Bagpipe appears in physical gematria to represent the number 42……
    It has in devices 3 drones and 8 chanter holes to create 2 drone frequencies and 9 chanter notes. Numerologically this amounts to 24 then 18, summing to the number 42, the number of El, whose number as described is deduced to be 6 as alluded to by the fact that twelve is twice El, that being twice 6…..

    It is reputed to have existed in its current format since around 1700, and its designers have not been identified here.

    If H Ell is a place for all who Hate El, then that is wher the jew and its collaborators, whether complicit by way of ignorance, having been deceived or otherwise are taking Europeans…

    This writer’s GrandFather on his Mother’s side was a life long member of the West Australian Police Force and retired as an Inspector in the 70’s, before the jew designed genocide of Europeans first amongst others reached the current state of Frenzied malevolence.
    This writer has no connection with either Police or ‘masonry’, other that having to defend one’s name against their misguided activities and assertions that are a function of BnaiBrith attempts to corrupt European judiciary and law enforcement for the purpose of a European AutoGenocide, consistent with jewish religious designs and imperatives.

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