The Jewish ‘Conspiracy’ Movie….

I remember watching this video during my “waking up process” to the Jewish question. It’s well worth watching if you are relatively new to this sort of information. Some of the information may be a little dated, but whatever, it gets the right message across!

A small point of contention – Jewish behaviour is not a result of some all-encompassing conspiracy as the title suggests. Their behaviour is a result of what they are biologically: a parasite!

– BDL1983

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  2. Steven King

    You go brother white man. I’m a German American and I say Heil!

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  3. Noachideous.

    Most of my esoteric work remains a black parody on notional jewhiss magnificence and its monopoly on magnificence so denied by jewishness to other unfortunates not made in the image of god and thus not ‘jew’. Surely it is some sort of paranoiac delusion borne of the religion ‘judaism’, and the licences, entitlements, and privileges to fuck over the other, that are granted in its scribblings to those who identify matrilineally as ‘jew’.

    Just a few short notes on the tedious gematria surrounding the Elliot Rodgering event.

    Apparently the event was originally planned for April 26 2014 for his Day
    of Retribution, or as we may chose to say, the day he would FightDemBack
    those evil whiteys, especially the Bitchez who would not permit a good

    A gematraic expansion of that date amounts to 4 2 6 2014 or DBF 2014
    or 4 by 2 by 6 or 48, the birth date of this ‘israel’, as prophesied by
    Rav Ashlag. We can also derive the number 86 as in to 86 something, or 14,
    the start date of WW1, fought for by Europeans the creation of this ‘israel’.
    israel to 86 ….. who ? 48 2 86

    Is is via the apparent propensity of jews to use gematria centered about
    the notional number of god, 42, that confirmed for this writer that the
    Yidpuscles, FightDemBack and SlackBastard, were probably jew constructs in
    the service of israel for the purpose of destroying racial nations as part of jew
    designs on global governance congenitally magnificent. That is…. FDB and
    SB are probably israeli assets and should be viewed as such. Judaism regards the goy as supernal refuse (to be thrown away 86 ?) and leftovers from the creation…. Its completion logically requiring the extermination of the remaining goy…..all done with a pious smile and that friendly jewish courage, care and tolerance toward the existence of the other.

    FDB amounts to israel (48) for the same reasons as the above….. SB
    amounts to 19 by 2. We can derive from this the number 18, meaning life for
    the jew, death for the other, and 38, or 3 by 8 amounting to 24…. These numbers 2418 sum to
    42, the number of the god who ‘chose’ the jew Uncle Bully.. and
    ChuckyGoodGuy. It’s convoluted but so ubiquitous in matters relating to the
    jew, that where it can be by design fashioned by the maleficent mind of the jew, it makes sense that likely well it is.

    For an excellent example of this in media, view the animated movie
    StarShipTroopers. 19 19 2, or 18 by 2 or 36 or 18 or 6 squared, or 66, or 12 plus 36 or 48, where Tia Durer begins to count while she snipes with a round other that the 7.62 308, Bugs (Goys ?) at the number 424….. the number of the jewhiss messiah….42 and 24 sum to 66… the number of the hollercost.

    The actual date of this Rodgering and symbolic fucking over of a few white girls amongst others not as significant , was May 24, 2014, or 5 2 4 2014 and this can be reduced to 10 4 20 14, pertinent numbers being 424…..

    So we are left with the question regards the return of the messiah in 2018.
    Did the messiah most magnificent return early…. to grease a few Goy ?
    Could it be.. that in general, the Yid is not quite the full Quid, blipped its Lid, Nutz even, Odd, and as noted in the tune ‘JewTalk” , does the talk of the jew reveal them to be mostly full of shit , not to be trusted and their lies ultimately busted. ?

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