Race Relations in Australia

It’s National Reconciliation Week here in Australia!

Sorry Day

Yes, whites are so evil, can we move on now?

Time for another massive campaign of “let’s make Whitey feel guilty again“! They just never stop pumping this into everyone’s heads:

National Sorry Day a time to remember

Today is National Sorry Day, a time for all Australians to reflect on the profound grief and trauma experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly members of the Stolen Generations.

It is also an opportunity to celebrate their strength and resilience, and to reaffirm our shared commitment to healing and reconciliation.

In 2008, the Australian Government delivered the National Apology, an important step in building trust and developing stronger relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

“On behalf of the nation, we said sorry for the pain and suffering caused by past government policies and practices, in particular to the Stolen Generations, who were robbed of family, language and culture,” Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin, said.

“At the time of the National Apology, we acknowledged that words alone were not enough. We acknowledged that real and lasting healing would take time, and would require ongoing support.”

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As you can see, the whining about evil Whitey never stops! Let’s just assume for a minute that our ancestors were the terrible monsters the mainstream media make them out to be – well, haven’t we had enough of mulling over the same old stuff? I mean really? Our evil deeds (allegedly) occurred a long time ago; we’re loving multicultural, all-embracing liberals now, so why the need for endless apologising? It achieves nothing and there’s clearly never any improvement in Aboriginal living standards as a result, so what’s the point? White guilt, white guilt, white guilt, white guilt, ad nauseam. That’s the real reason for this endless crapping on in the mass media! That, and the fact that without an endless propaganda campaign of white guilt, it would be hard work for the government to justify giving huge piles of money to Aboriginal communities and seeing them still living in squalor. Why should Aboriginals be exempt from ever taking responsibility for their own affairs? The reason is because it would be racist if we stopped giving them handouts, according to the way politically correct dogma works! If two races are not equal, then it’s always the more capable one which is blamed for oppressing the other. That’s the truth of the matter and everyone secretly knows it, but is probably too scared to say it!

As a small side note for any ‘liberals’ reading this – let’s get something straight: I don’t wish anything bad, or any ill-will against any Aboriginal person living here. What I do wish is that we got the race issue sorted. It’s clear that Aboriginals and Whites are very different people. This is simply a fact. It isn’t anyone’s fault that we are different, it is just reality. So the only real solution is racial separation, which is the number one mistake our White ancestors made in the first place: not separating the races properly. You would think Aboriginal people wouldn’t want to live among us or have anything to do with us evil White devils, since we are responsible for treating them so badly historically, right? On the contrary, they seem to be quite happy to receive welfare and live off of White society, which tells us that maybe Whitey wasn’t quite as evil as the mass media makes out!

No matter which way anyone slices or dices this issue, one thing is clear: when you have two vastly dissimilar groups of people living under the same government, one will always be doing the handing out and the other the taking. There is no “closing the gap” like they keep banging on about. The ‘gap’ will always remain because Nature gave the two races vastly different characteristics in all respects, therefore the best solution to these never-ending racial tensions is separation. There’s plenty of room for Aboriginals to live freely among themselves, away from “White oppression”, and within this country! If they had their land and we had ours, the problem would be solved. It’s pretty simple really.

– BDL1983

10 thoughts on “Race Relations in Australia

  1. Wilson Mount

    That’s how it all sums up for me mate: I never did anything to these people, why should I feel guilt? And through that, why should the government (and therefore all of us) keep supporting people that cannot, nay, WILL NOT, support themselves? All other races on earth contend with drug and alcohol abuse and so on, but all other races seem to be able to surpass it as well – not these people.

    I fail to see how saying sorry for alleged wrongs will do anything. If they were to do that, then they may as well get the British to apologise to the Irish, the Vikings to apologise to the French, the Japanese to apologise to the Chinese and on and on and on, throughout history, until we are all one soppy little sorried out planet.


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  3. brian marsh

    Don’t it just piss you of Bro, all the white people around me are spineless bastards…Brian.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Yep, sometimes ya wonder why ya bother! But then again without our bloodline we’re nothing, so we have to keep spreading the word!

  4. commandergoyim

    Good article and your closing statement is bang on.

    Australians knew the score with the “White Policy” over 100 years ago to keep Australia white.

    In the Jewnighted States of America the So called Indians OR indigenous tribes got everything they wanted; reservations and a federal license to print money by setting up gambling casinos — they pull in more bucks than the jew gangsters in Las Vegas on a yearly basis.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      The aboriginals over here have their own “reservations” or “aboriginals only” areas, Isn’t that racist against us? Of course no-one complains about that, but it’s 100% out of the question for Whitey to demand exclusive living space!! It’s surprising more people can’t see this blatant double standard.
      14/88 Commander Goyim!

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