How Jew Media Companies Control American Minds

Note: The same rule applies all throughout the west.

Daily Slave
May 16, 2014

Is gojim liking its fun times?

RT has put out an interesting article exposing the major American propaganda outlets.  Although it does a good job explaining how the propaganda system works, it fails to mention that Jews have the most control and influence over these entities.  Below is just a small list of Jews who have recently held or currently hold key positions in the corporate media.  There are actually many more Jews who hold important positions in media or are feature prominently in some capacity but this is what we found after just 15 minutes worth of research.  Considering that Jews represent only approximately 2% of the American population, the fact that they hold so many positions on influence in the media should raise a number of questions.

Wolf Blitzer – Longtime CNN Anchor

Peter Chernin – Former President and Chief Operating Officer of News Corporation

Matt Drudge – Founder of the Drudge Report

Michael Einser – Former Chief Executive Officer of Disney

Bob Iger – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Disney

Gerald Levin – Former Chief Executive Officer and Director of AOL Time Warner

Les Moonves – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation

Sumner Redstone – Majority owner of CBS Corporation and Viacom

David Rhodes – CBS News President

Neal Shapiro – Former NBC News President

Jon Stewart – Daily Show Host

Arthur Sulzberger – Owner New York Times

Jake Tapper – CNN’s Chief Washington Correspondent

Barbara Walters – Longtime ABC News personality

Jeff Zucker – CNN Worldwide President

In addition, Jews openly admit that they control the American media.  The Times of Israel published an article titled Jews Do Own The Media and the Los Angeles Times published an article titled Who Runs Hollywood?  C’mon both of which were written by Jews.  These articles openly discuss Jewish domination of the film and television industries leaving no doubt as to the Jewish domination of American corporate media.

Here’s a blurb from the aforementioned article which gets into some of the lies and propaganda these entities put out.

From RT:

Heavy distortions and suppressions of information regarding current Ukrainian events are appearing in US media.

You might wonder how so many different news sources could all completely avoid mentioning that the US government is consciously supporting two radical far-right parties, Svoboda and Right Sector, which are in control of key positions in the coup-installed new ’government’ of the Ukraine. You might also wonder why almost all the US mass media news sources could conceal – with vague phrases like”the sequence of events is not clear’ and similar techniques – the role of these extremist organization in murdering dozens of unarmed civilians in the past few days in southeastern Ukraine.

The explanation is surprisingly simple: There aren’t numerous US mass media news sources at all; there are just five. Five giant corporations control 90 percent of US mass media. And direct links connect all five of these media conglomerates to the political establishment and the economic and political power-elites of the United States.

These five conglomerates are Time Warner, Disney, Murdochs’ News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS). Their control spans most of the newspapers, magazines, books, radio and TV stations, movie studios, and much of the web news content of the United States. These conglomerates are in large measure responsible for inculcating the social, political, economic, and moral values of both adults and children in the United States.

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Just to reinforce the fact of Jewish media control…..

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    RT Is Jew run media just like ours, of course they will deny it but its kike infested for sure, just a different set of kikes!

  2. Noachideous

    The sneaky jew in all its guises is hyperventilating like the bitch it is over this 18C business.
    Is it coincidence that in simultaneous gematria, 18C amounts to 42, as in 18 plus 8 by 3 (C) ?

    The jew is a collective Black magus, AZOG the defiler, and its speech Black Speech as Tolkien might describe. It does evil in the name of Good.
    When the messiah returns and asks to meet the chosen ones, the turgid jew will present first, as always. “How do I know you are the ‘chosen’ people ? ”
    “There are no others”, is the reply . ” We have destroyed them all, and you have no choice in the matter.”

  3. Noachideous

    No Worries.
    It is unlawful to question the veracity of the 6 million numerology derived of Judaic kaaballah in many of the most tolerant countries of Europe. It is pretty much as Fredrick Toben implies…. 18C here is used to silence those who have no desire to participate in the religion of the jew…… part of that being the requirement to believe in the notional 6 million of WW11.

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