Take a break from the bullshit…..

Lemmy Kilmister

Had enough of the bullshit? Lemmy has too!!

…… Listen to Motorhead!

Motorhead is very therapeutic.

The 3 songs are Tracks 1,2 and 6 from this album:


Overkill in record format – click for info

– BDL1983

8 thoughts on “Take a break from the bullshit…..

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  2. Adrian Chetwynd

    “Take a break from the bullshit…..” …by deleting this “commie Putin worshiping” (controlled opposition) website from your favorites list!.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Ah, you’ll be back! You secretly love this site, that’s why you keep commenting.
      I certainly don’t worship Putin, but if you think I do, then whatever……

  3. Adrian Chetwynd

    I very much doubt that you will let my last one through but have you seen Anglin’s recent gem of an excuse for Putin being anti-nationalist and pro-multiculturalist on his Daily Stormer website? Oops I forgot,,,,,,, you’re with him aren’t you!….. Silly me.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      “I very much doubt that you will let my last one through” – Why not celebrate taking a break from the bullshit by publishing your bullshit!! I’m feeling charitable today. You can say whatever you want! Andre’s views aren’t unreasonable. I take it you’re referring to this article: http://www.dailystormer.com/putin-signs-new-russian-law-against-public-rehabilitation-of-nazism/ Wah wah wah, why not cry like a baby because someone has a different take than you do!! I don’t like Putin as much as Andre does. Vlad’s a mixed bag, a kind of generic Russian Nationalist, not a White Nationalist. He is playing politics and doing what he has to do to look after Russia’s interests. If that means upholding Russia’s “pride” in winning WW2, then that’s what he’ll do… It’s not anti-nationalist, just anti-NS to preserve Russia’s WW2 self-image…
      Hear from ya tomorrow mate because you love this site!

    2. GDSoldier

      What’s really going on here Adrian? Is it an anti-Andre thing, anti-Putin thing.. what is it?
      Apart from attacking anything and everything I ‘m still waiting to hear something positive for the cause from ya, seriously. Putin is playing in the GLOBAL game here and we’re still trying to figure the guy out, from the grassroots nobody level and that aint an easy task, we are waaaaay on the outside trying to look in, and from Oz to top it all off. Anyone would think this is infowars.com or something, promoting illuminati, masonic, mexican, germanic, bohemian grove, thule society death cult stuff! Controlled opposition??? Surely you don’t believe that man.

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