Tony Abbott opens borders to unlimited workers (Asians).

From White Genocide Project:

Tony Abbott’s government has sneakily changed visa rules which allows employers in Australia to hire and import an unlimited amount of foreign workers; most of whom will come from Asia.

Visa rules in 2013 had a loophole that allowed employers to bring in unlimited foreign workers, but it was closed. Now it has been reopened, which means Australia is again being flooded with non-White workers from Asia.

It is reopening a rort for employers,” Dave Noonan, the assistant secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining, and Energy Union said. “Even if the department checks [they are importing thousands of non-White Asians], there is no administrative measure they can take.

The previous prime minister, Julia Gillard, said the then current visa rules were “out of control“, and wanted to change them “to stop foreign workers being put at the front of the queue with Australian workers at the back“.

This will obviously flood Australia with thousands, if not millions, of Asians who will change the country from a majority White one, to a minority White one.

Before the loophole was fixed in 2013, foreign workers were increasing rapidly, and from 2009-10 there were 68 thousand foreign workers on a visa. From 2012-13, it almost doubled too 126 thousand visas granted, according to statistics from the Department of Immigration.

A spokesman for the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Michaelia Cash, said: “While the Coalition is … committed to deregulation and the removal of unnecessary red tape, we are equally committed to ensuring the integrity of the 457 [visa] program.

These secretive changes come on the back of the government’s announced review, which has been stacked to deliver a predetermined outcome that will hurt Australian workers,” said assistant national secretary Scott McDine of the Australian worker’s union.

The reason why Australia is constantly being forced to encouraged to have open borders is because it is a White country, and like all majority White countries, anti-Whites consider them to be “not diverse”.

So in order to “diversify” all these White countries anti-Whites have come up with tens or perhaps even hundreds of excuses to open the borders and then force every White area to become a certain percentage non-White.

These policies of open borders, massive non-White immigration, and forced “diversity” (a.k.a. assimilation) amounts to an intentional world where White people become a shrivelling minority – when conditions like these are forced on a certain group of people that’s genocide, and in this case it’s White genocide.

And diversity is just a codeword for White genocide.

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They’re all traitors on both sides of politics. That’s why we’re being sold up shit creek, if we haven’t already been….

– BDL1983

13 thoughts on “Tony Abbott opens borders to unlimited workers (Asians).

  1. GDSoldier

    That fat fucking bloated pig Rinehart is surely behind this, after all she did say that Aussies should be willing to work for $2 a day….. yes folks, that’s not a typo! And of course she overthrew Rudd and installed Gillard to ensure she paid no tax on the theft of resources that belong to the country (along with mutant Twiggy Forrest and other thieves). We need to clean house, BIG TIME! and that vile subhuman gargoyle would be a nice start. Link below.
    1488 and SIEG HEIL as always.

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  3. markdomney

    Selling our country out. This post I have read is making my blood boil.Who the hell do these politicians think they are.What the hell did our forefathers fight for in the previous world wars.Our country is being sold out by these spineless jellyfish who call themselves leaders LOL to the Asians and anyone else who wants apiece.It is disgraceful and its time the people of this once great country stood up and said NO WE DO NOT WANT THIS.The problem is though apathy on behalf of the average Australian who thinks she will be right mate.Well we are going the same way England did a few years ago and many other western countries.The word diversify is just another PC term invented by the left wing just like multiculturalism which is slowly destroying the western world like a cancer.Tony Abbott is nothing but a yes man to the globalists and the UN who goes along with anything they are told by these organisations.They talk about Democracy well I don’t remember there ever being a vote being put to the people about whether or not we want all these foreigners here and spending millions on supporting them and there families.Hypocrites and Liars all of them liberal and labor/And now there trying subversively to allow foreign workers to come in here and undercut our working Australians.This is not right and someone needs to speak out about this terrible deception on the Australian people by these spineless so called leaders.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Good comment man! Spot on…
      “The problem is though apathy on behalf of the average Australian who thinks she will be right mate”
      This is the reason why nothing ever changes… But, then again, what the hell do you do with 20 million inert carcasses? I don’t know the answer to that. The White race is in BIG TROUBLE, to put it mildly, still – 14/88

  4. Trent

    Well what the fuck are we gonna do about it? Organize rallies, protests, contact your local
    MP’s be relentless and aggressive and just remember your precious white child is what you are
    fighting for! Stop these anti-white monsters intent on destroying our happiness and freedom, organize mass rallies and let the white Australian people know that there existence is being
    sold out by a traitor government(and world government).
    – Sieg Heil.


      I’ll tell you what is going to be done about it……..nothing…..
      Australians have memories like goldfish and all Hockey has to say is “it’s beer o’clock!” and all is forgotten. If you want to scare politicians and the brain dead aussie, then start a secessionist movement.

      1. BDL1983 Post author

        Beer O’clock is essential, but it’s not an excuse for the state of affairs we’ve let our country degenerate into! The “average person” is WAY, WAY OFF the pace with anything political. It’s just whatever the TV says and as soon as the next distraction comes up, anything important is forgotten…….
        I like Trent’s attitude, but I’m fucked if I know what we could ever hope to get MP’s to do about anything, other than apply a small bandaid that doesn’t stick!!

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    Joe Hockey wants them here and Abbott obeys, after all the real estate inflation isn’t gonna sustain itself by a stable population.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Joe Hockey has communist shit on the wall of his house you know… Stalin or one of those arseholes if I remember correctly.

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