Awesome Metal

Cemetery Gates is a fucking great song! The Chorus is so good that you end up turning the volume up to about 50,000 decibels. Even then, it’s still not loud enough!

This next song sums up how I feel toward all the big gay whining pains-in-the-arses who love nit-picking every little detail of everything. If you are so fucking smart yourselves, then why don’t YOU start your own blog site and show us how it’s done. None of you will because you’re full of shit. Honestly, I can hardly even be bothered replying to some of the pathetic, stupid comments some people leave. You make me fucking hostile:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, fucking awesome!

– BDL1983

4 thoughts on “Awesome Metal

  1. kerryo

    Yeah ,jamming out to musical themes that promote our cause,that’ll right the wrongs.We are so far removed from our great forefathers it’s frightening.METAL??? European ethnic music and classical for sure.Rap,Metal and any jew influenced mindless repetitive tunes ,along with hard drugs and alcohol abuse is counter productive and suicidal for our race.

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